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Separating Roles of the USPS
Separating Roles of the USPS
A recent story by the BBC on mail delivery in Afghanistan highlights one of the most important roles of the Postal Service, maintaining and standardizing the nation’s system of addresses and postal codes.  Afghanistan has neither...
A Financially Self Sufficient Postal Service
A Financially Self Sufficient Postal Service
Andrew Gelman, a professor of statistics at Columbia University and a prolific writer on statistics and its use in public policy and political campaigns illustrated that the financial problem facing the Postal Service is a legacy of...

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Online Movies Vs Cinema

Having transformed how TV is watched, online websites like have begun to put other parts of the entertainment industry to test. While online streaming is drawing consumers with their affordability, various options and convenience, is it possible that the platforms will threaten cinema theatres?

It seems that is not the case. But this isn’t to say that, online streaming isn’t gaining ground. There are more and more people joining online movie websites, being one of them and they operate globally, making them increase on their members a year in, year out.

While the movie theatre is trying to manage the weather when it comes to issues like box office flops and video piracy, it is working on new ways to draw the modern population to its market. Cinemas are trying to adapt to new ways of ensuring that they offer better experiences when it comes to movie viewing so that they can counter the online streaming at and other websites for online movies.

Cinemas are investing in luxury chairs, bigger screens, reserved seats, bars, and new technology to ensure that, once someone visits, they will always come back for more. The cinema theatre seems to be under threat, but it has proved for over a century to be resilient by being receptive to innovation and being able to embrace technology.

What is making the cinema to still be a hit despite the technological improvement in streaming movies online?

  • Lack of latest blockbuster hits on online streaming platforms

Due to the fact that, online platforms give producers a flat rate, most producers shy off from releasing their latest blockbusters to them and thus, one will be forced to go to the nearest cinema to watch the latest movies and Oscar-winning films. The producers find it profitable when they limit their distribution channels.

  • The new face of the cinema experience

Most cinema theatres have installed stadium-style seating for better viewing and comfort and with great screens. Apart from these changes and the introduction of online ticketing, the experience at the movie theatres remains the same. But of late, there are a few changes to the experience with some cinema theatres offering:

  • Alternative cinema:Imagine a scenario where you watch a horror movie while in a warehouse that is abandoned or be in a hot tub and watch a rom-com? There are movie companies who are doing just that. When you go to such movie cinemas, it can mean you will engage in live action roleplay where you watch a movie with chorus singing which is live with the soundtrack or having to go retro at a drive-in theatre that is refurbished.
  • Dinner and a movie: Apart from the traditional boxes of jujubes and popcorns, some large charge movie theatres and independent cinemas now feature alcohol service and a hot In some instances, you will get beer, cocktail,and wine being sold at the theatre, traditional theatre settings have been replaced by dining tables. Concession areas have been replaced by table services. There are other theatres which are taking their concept higher by creating a custom dining experience where they offer appetizers which complement the movie experience.
  • Independent theatres: Just like most people are drawn to bars and local restaurants, they can be attracted to local and independent movie theatres. These are places where you can go to socialize with friends to see some cult classics from the old or enjoy an experience that is themed like an evening of films from a certain genre or director.
  • Cinema is becoming more interactive: In the early years of the 80s, children could choose their own storybooks with adventure. It is a technique which allowed them to pick what they deem happened next thereby determining how the plot is going to unfold. That is how the interactive cinema is all about. The members of the audience interact with the movie through their electronic devices such as iPad, iPhone and so on. Here, you are given the power to be able to make choices for the protagonist and due to this factor, you will have control over how the movie unfolds.
  • Virtual reality: The future of the cinema is not doomed with online movie streaming as some people still find it awesome that traditional passive experience of watching a movie in a theatre setting. In order to stay adapt and relevant for the demands of the cinema goers, movie theatres are trying to offer moviegoers with an experience that is complimentary. They are opening up several operations where consumers are able to engage in a virtual reality experience together with other players who closely resemble the experience of storytelling in the traditional cinema setting.

From the above, it shows that, even though the present generation is pulled more towards the online movies, they still have a passion for going to cinema theatres. There is something that each of the experience provides to the movie lovers and thus, it is likely that both are here to stay. If you are hard on cash and you cannot afford the luxury of going to a cinema theatre to watch your favorite movie which you are sure you can get online, why not get on the free movie websites and find some entertainment for yourself? And when that comes when you have the cash and you want to go out with friends, why not go to a cinema theatre?

How to throw knives perfectly well

When we hear about throwing knives, so many people think that it can only be done in the movies. This is due to the fact that those people in the movies do throw knives as a way to defend themselves against their enemies and they do it perfectly well. Throwing of knives is something that can easily be learned by anybody and be perfect on it. It today’s world, throwing of knives has become more like a sport. You can easily perfect on your throwing knife skills if you do practice and learn from your mistakes. It does not require too many skills to throw knives. Therefore, below are some of the ways through which you can perfect your throwing knives skills:

You should know the type of knives to use

You cannot just use any knife for the purpose of throwing knives. You must always have the best throwing knives specifically meant for that purpose. The knives that are commonly used include a balanced knife, blade heavy knife and finally the handle heavy knife. According to statistics, those who are professionals in throwing knives usually use the balanced type of knife. That means, if at all you are new in the game or you are starting to practice, you should use the blade heavy knife or opt for handle heavy knife. This is because the blade heavy and the handle heavy are easier to practice with than the balanced type of knife. Always remember to throw the weight first. Therefore, you either throw the blade first or throw the handle first depending on the type of knife that you have.

Know how to hold the knife

As much as throwing knives is not so hard, it is not as easy as you think either. You must at least know how you can hold the knife and how to handle the knife too. You should hold the knife in a manner that it will not interfere with its release. According to professionals, holding the blade and releasing it in a way that it will be vertical to the target is not the right way to go. Always make sure that your hand does not interfere with the knife as you release it. Whether you have the best throwing knives to throw or not, the way you hold the knife is very important.

What you should do when you are throwing the knife

First, you should always make sure to find your throwing line. This is very important. The success of your knife throwing lies between you and what you are targeting. Make sure that you are at least five steps from the target. This is to make sure that the knife has plenty of time to roll and rotate in the air before hitting the target. Once you know the throwing line, you can step a step backward. After you are in the correct position, make sure to throw the knife very hard. This is for the purpose of sticking the knife deep to the target.

Always know the basics

If you are a beginner, knowing the basics of knife throwing is very important. First of all, you must know that throwing of knives needs skills and a lot of practice. Second, as a beginner, you should always be aware of the kind of knife that you can use for your knife throwing. Also, make sure that you have the target for the purpose of learning. As a beginner or any other player in the throwing of knives, it is always good to put safety first. Just like any other game, accidents do happen. That’s why you should always be very careful and stay safe. Make sure that you have the appropriate attire and also make sure that you are not practicing where there are people and pets. You can look for a professional who can help you through the learning process. Make sure that the learning is step by step. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the learning process. Just like any other sports game, when leaning is enjoyable, you tend to learn a lot and become perfect in the game. Do not move very fast, make sure that you know all the steps involving a knife throw.

Throwing stance

As we have already said, throwing of knives is like any other game or sport. Therefore, it must have some form of stance. You must be keen on the posture of your body and also the footing. The first thing to have great posture is to make sure that you are relaxed. Lack of a relaxed body might lead to not hitting the target. The second thing that you should do is making sure that you have an upright posture. A straight posture is usually very important especially in ensuring an accurate and straight throw.


Knife throwing is a game or a kind of throwing sport that has been there for centuries now. It has been passed from generation to generations. So many people love it and there are those who have won awards for being the best in knife throwing. All you need to know is how to prepare for the knife throw, how to stand, and the knife that can be used and so on. As a beginner, you should always be patient in learning and follow all the required steps needed for a good throw.

What You Need To Know About Fake ID

There are many reasons why people opt to get fake ID. But, before you decide getting one for yourself, make sure that you know what you are getting into. People tend to get a fake ID just because they think they need one. There is nothing wrong keeping one, as long as you know everything important about it, then everything should be okay.

What you need to know about fake ID?

Before you get fake ID, below are few things you need to know:

  • Fake ID can only be used for recreational purposes. This kind of ID looks like legitimate or real ones, but, if you use it for other purposes than entertainment, then you may face charges and consequences.

Some are using them for novelty purposes and remembrance, but should never be used for crime or anything else of the like. There are certain limitations when using a fake ID hence before you get one for yourself, you need to know them all. You may not know, you are using them improperly so instead of having fun, you might end up with too many problems and troubles.

  • They are scan able, they have holograms, Microprint, barcodes, magstrips and a lot of other security features. Although they have almost everything a legitimate ID has, there are some characteristics that make them different.

If you look closely, you can see the difference between a fake ID and real ones. Do not attempt to use it for other purposes, as it is very noticeable especially if the person who will check and investigate check on the ID closely. Do not put yourself in trouble.

  • Be responsible using this ID. As previously discussed, using them for other purposes as novelty will put you in huge troubles. Do not attempt as you cannot take anything you already did back.

You should use them for entertainment purposes only and not to commit crime. Do not try nor attempt to use it in committing crime as that will not work at all. There are so many complications doing so, hence attempting to do it is definitely not an option. Be responsible when using this kind of ID.

  • There are many fake ID makers in Canada. But, just like in any industry, not all companies are providing high quality products. Hence, as someone who is in need of fake ID, he or she should take time finding the right company to get fake ID. Do not get deceived by promises, use facts when assessing who amongst them is the best company to hire.

You are using it for entertainment and novelty purposes, and being able to find the right company where you can have a fake ID that looks almost similar than the real ones is a must to consider. Never suppose that one company is same as the other, they are completely different.

Just to add, with the many companies working in this industry, you have the upper hand making sure that you are not only getting high quality ones but also IDs that are very affordable and within your budget. But, do not assume that when you buy the cheaper one, you are making the right choice. You have to make the price work hand on hand with the quality of ID you will get.

Do not rush choosing the company where to order your fake ID as that does not work that way. You have to keep in mind that these companies provide service differently.

  • If you want to make your own fake ID, you can go ahead and do it. There are companies who do not only specialize creating readymade ID but also supplying materials to use to make an ID.

It is best, instead of ordering plain PVC, order pre made ones, those that already have holograms, barcodes and other security features. Choosing them will allow you to play with your ID and use more of your imagination and creativity. This will also let you enjoy an ID that is one of a kind and unique.

  • Little for others knowledge, there are ID makers in Canada who offer their customers with opportunities of earning. This does not goes for all fake ID makers, but some are giving their customers the opportunity to earn extra by referring customers.

If you want to know more about this program, you can ask your provider directly about it.

  • The time to receive your fake ID differs, hence it is only necessary that you coordinate timelines with your supplier. The charge may differ, so you have to ask it from them.

If you need to receive the ID in as fast as 3 days, it can be possible but you might need to pay extra.

  • There are many purposes of fake IDs, some of them are for school, where students are asked to present samples etc. You can also use them as souvenirs or remembrance of any important events. The uses of such is endless, it is all up to you where you want to use them.

As long as you know how, when and where to use this ID, it is fun to have it pinned and used. With the many companies where you can have them done, for sure there is one who can attend exactly to your needs and beyond your standards.

Travel Websites That Accept Guest Posts

There are lots of people that do not understand the importance of SEO. If you need to more traffic then SEO is important and that is based on the number of backlinks you have got. There are many ways of getting these links, but the best one is with the help of guest posts and that will make the process much easier. Make sure, you visit this amazing website called, which has got some very good information and can guide you in the right way. There are many good products in the market and many services. Selecting the best one is never easy and one has to do a good amount of research.

Go, Nomad

Go Nomad is looking for unique experiences and fresh destinations. They want to avoid guidebook vocabulary, promotional posts, and stuff written just for links. They are focused on personal, real and new stories. Something that hasn’t been seen before. They have a guide template you can use for their short guides and a long detailed description does post guidelines. Go Nomad offers 25$ for a post that’s published on their website. This is one of the best websites and you can visit, and find out more information and that will help you understand, about how you can make use of the guest posts to your benefit and once you do you will see a spike in your traffic and business, what else can you ask for? Many people are getting confused about how to make use of the guest posts in the right way. But are not sure and may get very confused.

World Hum

World Hum accepts high-quality stories, slideshows, lists, and interviews. They have appeared in “Best American Travel Writing” and won awards for best American travel writers. They accept full articles in the body of an email (they will not open attachments) and your article should be no longer than 1500 words. They offer payment but it is only discussed after they read and approve your article for submission. They like contributors better than guest posters so with this website you stand a chance of a nice, steady gig. A travel writers dream am I right?

Travel Belles

Travel Belles is accepting guest posts from female writers only. They require a link to your website as well as your own photos. They provide the author bio and the links to your website. They are focused on destinations all over the world and accept personal stories, third-person articles and photo blogs. They are only publishing female bloggers but they can be read by everyone. Make sure, that you visit one of the best websites and you can visit and this has all the information you need to get more links. There are many products in the market and you should know which the best one to select.

Short Travel Tips

Short Travel Tips is a Lithuanian based website focused on tips about all thing travel such as accommodation, activities, food, transportation, sightseeing, events and you name it. They are always accepting guest posts with 600-word minimum, your own photos, original content and of course a link to your website. They offer exposure to your own work if your post gets published. The website doesn’t specify payment details but when they don’t, that’s a good sign you are not getting paid. Doesn’t matter, your portfolio will grow!

Luxury Launches

Luxury Launches is a luxury travel website focusing on finding the finer things all over the world. They accept articles about restaurants, cars, shopping, fashion and fashion accessories you can find all over the world. They accept pitches all year long and they have an impressive list of contributors. Should you want to write for this website you have to write why they would choose you as a contributor and what you can add to the list. The website doesn’t specify if they offer payment or not but they do offer exposure of your author name. There are many websites but this is one of the best and gives very good results and that is something very important. There are people who are getting confused and not making use of this system as well as they do not know the process. It is important that you research well.

2 Backpackers

2 Backpackers are a backpackers guide through the world. They accept personal stories and do not accept promotions, agencies or paid articles. They want how-to articles, personal stories, photo blogs, and interviews. Your material must be original and unpublished before. They might do some editing on your posts as well if they see it needs to be done. Don’t take it personally!

In exchange, they offer your published bio as well as links to your website and social media!

Do you want to enjoy some very good movies?

Watching movies online for free has now become a very popular past time. Since the internet age, we have found new ways to watch movies. During the beginning of the internet revolution, downloading movies online from various websites and places was common. People would even record the movie on their phones in the cinema and upload it on YouTube. Although this made movies available online for free, the quality of the movie was very bad. You could see the shadow of the audience in the background, and even hear the discussion of the audience. The quality of movies available online on YouTube and other uploading websites were bad. These movies were often not audible and their picture quality was poor. You can have great time seeing movies on yes movies. There are many good websites, which can give you good time, to see and enjoy the movies. You need to be sure, that they are good real websites.

With introduction of these online streaming websites, the condition of movies watching has changed completely. There are websites such as, 123Movies, Just Watch and etc. that offer free and easy access to movies online. Now you don’t have to buy CDs and go on Youtube to watch pirated versions of the movie as it is available in better quality online. Now movies are uploaded from the beginning till the end in the exact same manner as they were aired on Cinemas. No alterations are made and nothing is removed or added. You can watch your favorite movie for free without any of the previous problems; you can watch free movies on yes movies.

One of the best things about free online streaming is that it can be done anywhere at any time. Suppose you’re lying in your bed and are too lazy to actually get up and go down in the living room. You can always log onto your computer screen and watch it from there without moving. You can even watch it on your phone while waiting for your appointment at the dentist. Free online streaming of movies has made it easier for all of us to watch movies at any time of the day. It’s become even more flexible and enjoys your time on yes movies.

However, many companies who offer this service often suffer with low revenues. Since they offer this service in free, they hardly make enough profits. But such websites earn through viewership. The reason why they even show movies online for free is so that they can maximize on their audience and earn through each viewership. There are many people who love to see the movies and this is one of the best things you can think of. You do not need to pay any extra money and still you can enjoy your time with movies.

Apart from this, the content on the internet is too vast. You can find any movie you want to watch. You can even watch movies that are very old which you wouldn’t have been able to watch otherwise. Most of the time when a movie gets old it gets hard to find it on TV as it is hardly broadcasted. Even with CDs, it might not always be available. Thanks to online streaming sites you can watch it easily without paying a single penny on it. There is so much of choice and you can see all this from the comfort of your home, you cannot ask for something better, this is one of the best ways to get things done and you can really have a good time relative the stress too, that also without paying anything. So do not wait for any longer just come and enjoy your time on this website and you will get to see some really good movies and have a good time, what better can you ask for. Above all this is free and that makes it a very good choice, so do not think for anything more.

The growth of online watching of movies for free is seen as a threat to the film industry at large. Since many people often watch it at home instead of going to the cinema, along with these companies even the industry suffers.

The internet revolution has led to much advancement in the world. The way you watch movies now has also changed. Instead of going to the cinema many people prefer staying at home and watching a movie. There are many advantages of watching movies online.

Firstly, you do not have to pay for them. There are movies that offer free online streaming. You do not have to pay for them. Since these websites are only concerned with their viewership they make sure they can maximize their audience which they do by offering their services for free. This means that you do not have to pay for a movie which will last for maximum three hours. It saves a good amount of money. It is free entertainment and past time.

Other than this, free online streaming saves your time from downloading and buying CDs. If you are in the mood to watch a movie that is not aired on TV, you can immediately search for it on the internet and watch it. It all happens in an instant. You don’t have to wait for longer hours for it to load and then download.

Also, you find a variety of movies online in variety of languages. Whether it’s an old French film or a recent Hollywood Blockbuster you can find it online. You can also find movies that are no longer aired or made available on CDs. You can also watch movies that are not released in your country. Watching free movies online has actually diversified the kind of movies you see and are shown. It is another form of globalization as you are not only exposed to the cinema of your country but also of others.

Finding the right SEO agency

An SEO agency helps you to market your business by putting your business high rank in the results page. In other words, when consumers are searching for a good or service your company provides, an SEO agency is to ensure your business has high visibility, thereby pulling in more traffic to your site. Obviously, a larger number of visitors to your site will almost definitely result in a higher number of paying customers. Always hire a good agency to do the job like harrisburg seo agency.

SEO agencies fall into two main categories:

White hat: as the name suggests, this category aims to do things by the book and focus on quality content and long-term viability of their site. Their methods are transparent and target a human audience. This is the method followed by harrisburg seo agency, and you can be sure, they are completely ethical.

Black hat: as the name suggests, their aims and methods are in polar contrast to that of white hat SEO, as they focus on quantity and short-term gains. Their methods are opaque and are usually against the rules, which results in them being shut down.

When searching for an SEO agency, the type of agency you want working for you must be considered depending on the results you are searching for. A white hat agency will give you long-term viability; while a black hat agency will give you short-term relevance. Of course, those are not the only factors to consider when searching for an SEO agency. The following factors should also be considered:

Deciding what you need: the first thing you need to do when searching for an SEO agency is deciding what you need. You may need to audit your SEO, build it or manage it amongst other things. They may also be looking to grow their business by a certain percent or at a certain rate. Whatever your goals, you should be clear about what you want done.

Look through their portfolio: according to, another thing to do is to gauge their portfolio, that is, to see what they have done and with whom. You should also check to see if the customers were satisfied. Doing the above helps you know if the job you want done is something they have done before and if they have done so satisfactorily. Obviously, not getting positive or any feedback is a sign for you to avoid that particular agency.

Get consultations from various firms, getting consultations from different firms lets you know what the industry is like as it helps you get a feel for what is going on in the industry at the time. This helps you to be more knowledgeable before making your final choice. The consultations are usually free as the competition is high.

Have them tell you stories; you should have the firm executives tell you stories as it gives you a feel of their accomplishments or failures and an idea of how they operate. It also lets you know how creative the firm is as it will reflect in the story.

Seo Agency does the job well

Your turn is in decline – A sudden drop in traffic, such as a loss of position, could be a sign of an algorithmic penalty. This can be the culprit of your agency that is doing SEO. You need to be careful to assume that something is wrong and ask questions about it. First, you need to find out if there have been any changes to the algorithm and whether this is the reason for the decline in traffic. Then you need to decide exactly what changes were made in those days or weeks when a drop was detected and finally get a picture of what your agency did from Offsite jobs.

Harrisburg seo agency will offer keyword research and other things considered suitable for the client’s website and business needs. SEO Agencies have the information and practice essential to make clever decisions for the client’s site that result in increases in the ranking and visibility. A SEO agency will be sending its customer custom reports at least once a month. They’ll show the costumer concrete data about what’s working and why. An SEO agency can help the client implement the approaches for improving the the the results and improving the ROI. The focal goal is to permanently increase adaptations. A professional agency will use a blend of content marketing, search engine optimization, paid ads, social media management and more. It is very important to have a professional team of SEO experts in your corner.  So do not wait any longer and start getting good results for your website and more profits. There are lots of people who are not focusing on this part and then regretting later. Not to forget this is an online world.

What to look for When Choosing the Best Substrate for Bearded Dragon

Choosing the right substrate for your most loved bearded dragon can be daunting. With the many options to choose from, picking the best substrate for bearded dragon may not be easy. When choosing, there are 2 types you can consider, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Unfortunately, the information you could get from each type makes the selection process harder as they differ from one source to another. So, you are left without a choice but to work on your own research or probably try on each type yourself and go through the trial and error process.

Types Of Substrate For Bearded Dragons

Particle Substrates

This type allows bearded dragons to dig. Digging is what they naturally do and this can help them a lot in terms of the emotional aspect of this species’ life. But, just like the other type, there are some possible issues to consider when choosing particle substrates. And some of them are:

  • Ingestion is a common issue using this type. Bearded dragon may accidently swallow particles from this substrate
  • This is harder to maintain and clean. Hence, if you only have limited time on your hand, forget about this option
  • Infection to your pet is possible because of the bacteria growing from this type of substrate, needless to say if proper cleaning is performed on a regular basis, this can be prevented

Though, you should not get too hard on bearded dragon’s need to dig. They also come from rocky terrain that has no much sand, hence even if it is nice to give this type of substrate to them, it is not something required to their overall being.

Non-particle Substrate

Non-particle substrate comes from a roll of fabric substance that you can easily prepare and lay on the bearded dragon terrarium’s floor. This type is very easy to maintain and assemble, but it also has few negatives best to take in consideration:

  • Bearded dragon’s claws may possibly get caught in the fabric of this substrate
  • It is recommended that you have a digging space in place when you use non-particle substrate
  • When washing this type of substrate, it is a must you have a spare to use while letting the fabric dry

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both types, the decision will boil to your personal choice. If you want to know which one is best, you can consider trial and error.

Other considerations when choosing bearded dragon’s substrate

Other than the types, to spot on the best substrate for bearded dragon, you can consider the following:

  • Choose the right brand

There are many manufacturers of substrates in the market today, choosing the right brand is necessary. They will all claim they are the best in the industry, but unfortunately not all of them can deliver to your standards and expectations.

When choosing the brand, make sure you do your homework and take as much time as possible before you exchange your money to substrates.

Below are few of the factors you need to consider when choosing the brand:

  • Has good reviews and ratings from their previous and current customers
  • A brand that is in the industry long enough
  • Garner exemplary reputation in the industry supplying substrate


  • Maintenance

When choosing the type of substrate to purchase, you have to consider highly the time you have on hand to spend on maintenance and cleaning. If you do not have time to clean your bearded dragon’s terrarium, then you should not consider particle substrates, as this type requires time and effort cleaning, and it should be done in a more regular basis.

It is imperative that you let your bearded dragon live in a clean terrarium to keep them away from bacteria, sicknesses and diseases. The time you can spend maintaining and cleaning should be a basis to consider when choosing which among the substrates to deem or else you might end up with a sickly pet.

  • Price

Other than substrates, this exotic animal has other needs, and it is only right that you consider a substrate you can afford. But, you should not only consider the price alone, you have to consider durability and brand when taking this factor in consideration. Do not buy a substrate that is cheap yet replacement is required sooner, this will completely defeat your purpose of saving.

With the many brands in the market to consider, it is right to compare one manufacturer’s price to another and see which amongst them can give the best offer. Never consider just the price alone, as that will put you to a wrong decision.

  • Availability

Consider availability of the substrate of your choice. You would not want to end up changing brand and type of substrate from time to time, as that may not be good to your bearded dragon. Adapting to changes every time you need to use other substrate may not be good to your exotic pet.

Check on the availability of the substrate of your choice over the internet or the manufacturer. To add, it is also recommended if you choose a supplier or manufacturer that can deliver the substrate you order anytime you need one.

If you care for your exotic, bearded dragon pet it is only necessary that you give them a clean and comfortable place to live. And that includes choosing the right substrate. With the many options to choose from, this can be a challenging job, yet when you get the right one, expect that your pet will be very happy that you do so.

What is the best substrate to use for your bearded dragon? Unfortunately, this is an issue up until this time is being discussed by professionals and pet owners. It is all up to you which amongst the available options to choose from. Trial and error can be done for weeks and see which amongst them is best suitable for your pet.

What 3D printer under 500 can print?

Just a few years ago, only a portion people had heard of 3D printing, but now computer-generated images are used to create cars, firearms and even body parts. Any best 3d printer under 500 will work by placing melted polymer wires that add to solid objects precisely as easily as a traditional inkjet printer does to put ink on a page.

I know you are thinking about buying best 3d printer under 500, then below read about some of the things you can print such printers.

3D printed ears for dysfunctional children

In the first test of its kind, scientists at University College of London are using 3D printers to create ears that can be implanted in children with severe disfigurement. The process was initially tested by implanting 3D ears in rats.

3D work gun

The world’s first 3D-printed pistol, called The Liberator, comes completely in plastic. Pistols have been printed with a Stratus’s Dimension SST 3D printer. The only part not produced by the 3D printer is the firing pin.

3D human heart

Surgeons at a New York hospital have a recognized 3D print that helped to save the life of a 2-week-old baby who needed complicated cardiac surgery.
Surgeons at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital used MRI scan data to print a copy of the child’s heart, finding that the heart is damaged with holes and that it has an unusual structure.
A surgery of this type is especially complicated and dangerous, but thanks to the 3D printer, the printed heart gave the surgeons the opportunity to study the organ and develop a strategy, using the heart printed in 3D as a map.

3D printing in Modern Medicine

While the United States is a pioneer in the use of 3D printing in biomedical research, the NHS is exploring the use of 3D printing in modern medicine. Replica 3DM, a Wiltshire-based 3D printing company, has provided 12 NHS Trust Hospitals with 3D printer stations, designed to help create and print duplicate hips for surgeons to perform hip replacement surgeries.
Last month, a scientist at the University of Nottingham Trent used 3D printing to produce a human prosthetic heart, which has been described “as close as possible” to reality.

A machine gun that prints and lights 3D aircraft

Dieter Michael Krone is a mechanical engineer based in Düsseldorf who has a passion for paper airplanes and has created an unusual 3D printing application. Nicknamed the A6 v1.0, Krone has created a machine gun that prints 3D paper airplanes and then shoots them.

Like a conventional inkjet printer, it has a reserve for papers. Then, instead of using ink cartridges to print on the paper, fold the paper, sheet by sheet, into flat sheets of paper and then shoot them. Although it is easy to dismiss the invention of Krones as meaningless, it is at least a good highlighter of the 3D printing potential. “A small touch-up of me that shows what you can do with 3D printers today.” Said Krone.

Prosthetic arm printed in 3D

Hayley Fraser, a five-year-old girl who was born with a congenital anomaly that left her with no fingers on her left hand, is now the first child in Britain to obtain a 3D printed prosthesis. Previously, doctors only offered the family an operation to transplant a toe into their hand.

The family discovered the non-profit group E-Nable, which introduced them to engineer Frankie Flood of the University of Wisconsin.

3D ice cream

Students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created a 3D ice cream printer, which combines a Sol doodle 3D printer and a Cuisinart ice cream machine into a single device, creating a device that delivers soft ice cream printing on demand.

Concluding thoughts

It is difficult for many people to see beyond the seemingly pointless 3D printing of things like ice cream and paper airplanes. Nevertheless, 3D printing is still in its infancy. As a child, new technology needs to play and experiment to develop so buy the best 3d printer under 500 and be able to do all the above.

There is a lot of patience and trial and error involved before innovations can mature into fully functioning conventional products or processes. For example, the first computer filled an entire room and did not even have the processing capacity of the most basic calculator of today, but it had to start somewhere, just like 3D printing.

What to consider before buying a cordless drill

The cordless drill has been very helpful in getting both light and some heavy jobs done. As an operator, it is very essential to buy or more of this machine and also important to consider some factors before purchasing one. It is even advisable for operators to get to know what that will be doing. They can try to hold the sample tries to feel what the cordless drill is all about. There are lots of brands of a cordless drill and each has its own features and specifications so operators should make it their point of duty to consider this before going for a cordless drill. To know more about them, visit website. Some of the necessary points that must be considered are;

Firm grip:- this is a very important point to consider before purchasing a cordless drill. There must be a firm grip on the handle through the grip can either be in form of a rubber or just a contour and each has its own advantages and disadvantages so what matters is the knowledge the operator has on the machine. The operator should decide on the machine with the type of grip that suits it best. The type of grip use can be an advantage for the following.

  • Convenience:- the type of grip the cordless drill has will determine how convenient the operator will be while working with the machine making it a good factor to consider before choosing the type of machine to buy
  • Work rate:- definite the type of grip a cordless drill has will dictate the work rate since it will determine the comfort of the operator. This will also determine the efficiency of the machine which will finally determine the amount of work that will be get done by an operator using the machine.

Location and size of the drip must be considered by any buyer because it will go a long way in getting work done.

Location of the control:- another great factor to be considered by anyone who is willing to buy the cordless drill is the location of the control. Definitely, any machine cannot work properly with the control and this is also applicable to the cordless drill. The control is necessary to control and regulate the following;

  • Speed:- the control is meant to control the speed of any cordless drill so it is important to take the point seriously as the speed of the machine will determine how the work will look like. The control serves as a brake or a pause button that monitors the intensity of the machine.
  • Work rate:- the control also determines the amount of work that will be done using the cordless drill. The more efficient the machine is the more work is getting,

Furthermore, the control most always is considered as it is one of the most important parts of the machine and work may not be get done if the control has a fault.controlling the machine doing work will provide the operator with a perfect job.

How balanced is the cordless drill:- it is very important to purchase a cordless drill that is balanced when in use as this will definitely increase the comfort of the operator and makes the finished work appear neat. If the machine is so balanced, it will make it more easy for any operator in getting any drilling work done making it very fast to execute any type of drilling job, it should be considered that the machine will be used for a longer period of time so it is necessary to make sure that the front part of the cordless drill feels light when in use as the weight may affect the arm and wrist which won’t be a good experience at all so if the front part feels heavy then consider purchasing another brand of the cordless drill that comes with a light front.

The weight of the cordless drill:- anyone who wants to consider buying a cordless drill should think about weight as the weight of the machine will dictate a lot of things during and after work. Some of the weight of the thing will dictate are;

  • Mobility:- this is an important point the weight can dictate because if the machine has more weight, it will be very difficult for operators to move it around with them i.e. It will be so stressful when it comes to the movement of the machine from one place to another. Definitely, any operator will choose a light cordless drill over the heavy one.
  • Comfort:- it will be less comfortable for any operator that decided to purchase a heavy cordless drill compared to the one that purchases a light one. This will definitely affect work and the heavy machine will affect the hand and wrist on time compared to a light cordless drill.

To deliver any work very fast and do it with ease then it is very important to purchase a light cordless drill as it will help in executing outstanding jobs. Although weight in cordless drills can be directly proportional to the torque and speed it is going to deliver but one has to purchase a light drill as well. Furthermore, one should also know that the heavier the machine is the more and more stress and strain one’s arm and wrist is going to be when working and it is necessary to prevent this from happening as it may get a greater impact on the operator.

All the discussed points above and many more should be considered before buying a cordless drill and it is very important to do so because there are lots of faults that can affect both the work and the operator that one has to prevent has prevention is far better than cure. There are lots of brands of the cordless drill so it is not a monopolized market. Getting the perfect cordless drill will eventually help in getting a perfect work done.for more information on the types of a cordless drill, visit website and you will get to know the different types of cordless drill and their features.

Boost Up your Intimate Life with the Help of Aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs are basically sexual enhancers or love tranquilizes that expand moxie when expended. Aphrodisiacs are particularly different from components that take care of the issues pertaining to fertility or sexual dysfunctionality, for example, erectile brokenness. The investigation of aphrodisiacs is an energizing, intriguing and productive voyage, and one that is frequently ignored considering how long they have demonstrated their advantages. Regardless of whether it be from nourishment, herbs or creepy crawlies, there are a multitudinous measure of assets that convey the best aphrodisiacs on the planet.

Aphrodisiacs have been utilized for a large number of years, in numerous various societies including the antiquated Greeks, in customary African clans and in the Far East. Huge numbers of the sexual enhancer formulas you can discover today utilize a blend of the herbs, roots, and different substances that have been utilized for a great many years around the globe. Thus, aphrodisiacs have been backed up by history. In case that you are also looking out for ways to enhance your love life/ sex life or want to gain pertinent information regarding various types of aphrodisiacs, read through:

What goes into comprising aphrodisiacs?

A portion of the fixings that are utilized as a part of aphrodisiac formulas are plant extricates and herbs that we as of now use for things, for example, memory upgrade, expanded vitality and even healthy skin. Gingko Biloba, Oatmeal and Ginseng extricates are only a couple of the fixings utilized for making aphrodisiacs.

A portion of the aphrodisiacs out there are straightforward inclination sustenance’s. We have all known about the love potion characteristics of Oysters, and of sentimental nourishment, for example, pineapples and strawberries. Delicate lighting and music, particularly scented candles are likewise sentiment initiating. Fragrant healing is additionally extremely enchanting. Every one of these things can enable you to understand that unique individual out of the family room and into your personal room.

Getting acquainted with the various aphrodisiacs substances:

There are certain aphrodisiac products that are easily accessible. We have come up with a comprehensive list of such readily available elements so that you can use them in your recipes to raise the hotness quotient between you and your partner:

  • Vitamin C as an aphrodisiac: It is a common piece of information that vitamin C enables the human body to fight back against sickness and microscopic organisms, yet it really consists of properties of being a love potion also. Relatively every organic product that is related with physical closeness contains vitamin C, and they assist advance cell reinforcements which basically purifies your blood thoroughly.

Vitamin C is assistive in preparing you to have spurts of vitality, especially as it identifies with continuance. More the vitamin C a man devours, the quicker their recuperation time is. The most straightforward approach to disclose its effect is to see it as a strategy with which your muscles and charisma give in to appreciable transitioning. The outcomes reveal themselves through restricting weariness and enabling your sexual faculties to become completely alarmed.

  • Ginger as a form of aphrodisiacs: Ginger includes a touch of zest, both to your palette and in the room. It is an exceptionally mixable sexual enhancer that was really found coincidentally. Ginger was essentially known to help in processing food, however with consistent utilization, restorative doctors started to see how it had an immediate connection to bringing down impotence in males. Ginger is bountifully available everywhere throughout the world, however truly picked up a name for itself in Asia since it was utilized both for the purpose of flavoring and mending. It enables the circulatory framework to run all the more easily, which if lethargic, can bring down a male’s enthusiasm for sexual encounters. This happens in light of the fact that it fills in as an impetus in the body of the humans to work at a speedier, more alarming tangent.
  • Strawberry as an aphrodisiac form: Strawberry has been considered to be the most sexually arousing fruit since ages. In case that you combine it with a sexually stimulating environment, it has the potential to create wonders. Strawberries are a copious wellspring of cell reinforcements, which are as often as possible connected to sexuality. Strawberries have been for very many years filled in as a spectacular sexual enhancer amid enticement and foreplay. It works even better when you dunk them in chocolate (which is another sexual enhancer) and other delicious treats. Likewise, the dark red shading they are encased in has been ascribed to the feeling of want for a considerable length of time. Be it a red lip shade, or dark red apparel, it is a shade that produces enthusiasm from sexual accomplices.
  • Cherry aphrodisiac: Cherries are a natural product that is stacked with cell reinforcements, which are not connected to love-production, but rather still convey supplements that advance positive conduct in inclination. Some contend that they additionally empower more continuance, which is clearly basic to the procedure of intercourse. The primary reason, in any case, is that fruits are thought to initiate pheromone creation. Pheromones trigger reactions from another gathering, routinely bringing about more intrigue and an eagerness to mate. In less complex terms, cherries give way to attraction.

In case that you want to get acquainted with more such aphrodisiac products that are also easily available, then you must visit The site not just contains the names of various easily accessible aphrodisiac products, but also recipes that will help you in incorporating these products in the most efficient and effective mannerism. Apart from that, it contains some really significant data about aphrodisiacs in general. In fact, the site reviews some of the basic aphrodisiac products available in the market and unveil the true nature of them to you. Yes, aphrodisiac is actually a thing! Therefore, in order to boost up your love/sex life, you can resort to the aphrodisiac route.

Want To Escape The Authorities? Know How To Get Drugs Out Of Your System Fast

Do you love drugs? Are you a regular consumer of drugs? Do you want to hoodwink authorities? Do you want to fool your family members, police and everyone who may pose restrictions on you? Do you need ways to drug but remain safe?

If this is true in your case then this article is exclusively for you. Read further to know how to get drugs out of your system fast?

How to get drugs out of your system fast?

Fun is an integral part of life, and drugs and drinking are actual fun which the authorities don’t want you to enjoy. You must have wondered thousands of times about a way to escape their claws and but have ended up with nothing in your mind. The question how to get drugs out of your system fast is very common especially among the teenagers.

The police and others are out there to catch you drugging and smoking and once you are caught, life is over dude! You will end up locked in the prison regretting your carelessness and abusing every person you can remember. So it’s better to drug but hide it or cover it up using some means so that you are safe and free to drug and drink whenever you want. Here are some tips which you can use to keep yourself safe from prying laws of law-

  • Refrain from excessive use – Drugging is fun but excessive use should be avoided. It is addictive but if you take limited amount there is no problem, but excess use can be hazardous to health. And you should know that when you drug more than your body can tolerated then detoxing becomes a difficult task. Natural detoxing is the best way to escape the drug test which becomes impossible to carry out for the body if you consume excess amount of drugs.
  • Exercise as much as you can – Going to the gym or exercising at home needs good amount of courage on your part but do you know that it is the best way to detox your body? To get rid of drugs mixed in your blood you should take up cardio at gym. Biking, swimming and running are the best for reduction of drugs in the body. Whatever kind of drug you consume is stored in lipids of fat cells, and if you have good BMI or fat ratio, drugs will be stored for longer time. This will create problems and you may not get drugs out of your body in time for the test.
  • Drink water and urinate – People say to drink more and more water but that’s not true. Drink only the amount sufficient to stay hydrated. But remember urination will help detox your body and the more you will urinate, the faster you will detox. So drink water and urinate but do not overdo as it may cause stomach pain and gas problems.
  • Avert from bad meat and food – When you are on the venture to detoxify your body, do avoid pizza, ice cream, French fries and other fast food. These items are high on sugar and sodium and result in retention of water in your body. This may lead to slower metabolism and act as an indication that you are a consumer of drugs.
  • Tea and lemon juice are the best – Tea detoxes your body naturally, and may save you from the poachers ready to pounce on you any moment. Let it be green tea, black tea, jasmine, white tea all are good detoxing agents. In the event of an approaching drug test, be sure to consume vitamin C, electrolytes and antioxidants. For your information, they will increase your metabolism and help you reduce the amount of drugs in the body.
  • Consumer fiber and vegetables – This too is a golden advice and helps you to get rid of the drugs flowing in your body mixed with the precious liquid called blood.

Role of detox drinks and detox pills

Detoxification is an absolute necessary if you are going for a drug test. If the test is unobserved you can try synthetic urine. Use of synthetic urine needs iron nerves as the risks are high and there are chances of your being caught and get locked in jail. But jail is what you don’t want and to avoid that you are ready to do almost anything, right? So there is another option- detox pills and drinks.

One answer to the question how to get drugs out of your system fast is that carve in your mind that cleaning the system in 24 hours is not possible. If you will try it you will end up sick in bed and in hands of authorities when the teat is carried out. The question remains the same, what to do?

Detox pills and detox pills and detox drinks are the best. Again one thing should be very clear to you; these drinks do not completely detox your body but remove the toxins for a few hours from the urine so that you pass the test without being caught. Drink the detox drink an hour before the test and submit the sample.

About detox pills, they are good for you and can detox the body at faster rate than the natural methods. If you want to clean your system, abstain from any kind if drugging, drinking or smoking for a week. You fill fit to appear for the test within a week and surely pass the test.

For the detox pills to be effective, you should continue the natural detox methods like control on diet, drinking tea and consumption of vegetables and fibers. Enhance the process with detox pills foe quick and accurate results.

Neutralization of saliva

This you can opt for if you are thinking to take a saliva swab test. Chew a saliva neutralization pill before few minutes of the test. It will neutralize your saliva fir about 30 minutes during which you can easily give the sample.

If you are wondering how to get drugs out of your system fast, then use the methods described above and enjoy your life.

Luxury Car Hire – How the process goes

Wind billowing through the hair, the touch of it on the skin, the beautiful odor of the breeze, while driving through the most scenic of valleys, is what a lot of people dream of and desire to cut off of their bucket lists. It is not very often that people get to drive on those amazing roads, with even picturesque side views. The warm tones of sand dunes or the colder tones of lilacs. The green patches of the lands along the country side with a few breeds of sheep grazing around. Roads traversing you atop the mountains, for people that love heights. These moments, these drives, these potential to-be-cherished-forever memories might as well be in the best of best. Drive along these on luxury cars, maybe?

Every car enthusiast in the world has wanted to feel the drive of a sports car, the extra-ordinary pickup of the engines on these luxury cars, the beautiful texture of the interiors, the sound of the roof top being removed to make one dive into the ulterior presence of a mixture of speed and breeze leaving them craving for more. And it’s not only about petrol heads, everybody – well, at least most of them – do want to feel all of this in their lifetimes. Some do not think they deserve it, some think they do but do not have enough money to get to their dreams.

This is what a dream looks like, but what about reality? Well, there are places and people that can bring these dreams to life without burning the larger holes – one might expect – in the dreamer’s pockets. Already excited, right? Read through the article to learn more and to dream more to dive into this experience all by yourself as soon as possible.

How to get a luxury car and not burn the entire pocket?

Luxury cars are dreams for a lot of people out there. But being able to drive them is not even a percent of hassle as what it was earlier. Around the world, there are so many companies, so many people out there that are letting other people hire luxury cars. Luxury car hire is a thing today and is trending in a number of countries. Especially those that have huge amounts of tourist inflows and that have the roads and tracks for the luxury cars drives.

Are these luxury car rentals safe?

There might be a number of questions that the brains might be posing now, especially if it is the first time one has heard or read about the rentals that rent out luxury cars. Well, they are absolutely safe and they do let people take the cars on hourly or daily basis, with a little extra precaution as compared to if one was renting out a normal car. And it does make sense, does it not? Luxury cars are quite expensive. It is not less known that cars that are luxurious are pricey, they might go as high as 10,00,00,000 INR (Indian Rupees). And the starting prices are around 50,00,000 INR.

What are the pre-requisites one has to have to be able to rent a luxury car?

The pre-requisites to be able to rent a luxury car are not any more special than while buying a normal car, expect for a few things. To be able to rent a luxury car, most rental companies do set an age bar. Minimum age bar being 19 years old. However, there are companies that do not rent cars to the person who is below 21. There are some documents checks’ like the basic driving licenses and the nativity documents if you are renting it in some country that you have gone to travel to. What they also do check is if the driver or the person renting it out is capable enough to drive the car. It must be noted that driving a luxury car is difficult and can be really out of control at high speeds. People who do not have practice with sports and luxury cars cannot drive it so well. However, luxury cars that are solely meant for luxury like the Rolls Royce, and not so much for speed are not as difficult as sports cars. Having said, this leads the article to another FAQ (Frequently asked Question)

Does luxury car hire mean that the one hiring has to drive?

No, it is not necessary that luxury car hire requires the one hiring to drive. There are rentals that have the option to choose the cars with or without drivers, based on your preference and practice levels. Both these options come with different pricings, of course and can be checked online on the companies’ websites or can be asked in advance by contacting the customer support people of the particular company.

Can one book the car in another country while they are not in that country, well in advance before the trip?

For example, X lives in India and is planning to visit Dubai (UAE) for this summer. Maybe her kids are forcing her for this vacation. That does not matter, does it? However, if X is planning a great ride on the most beautiful Maserati for the vacations along the most enchanting highways of Dubai, she might want to book the car well in advance. So, she has the question of if or not she can do that while she is in India. And the answer is, yes, she can. Luxury Cars Hire facilities of most countries are now online and as long as one has an internet connection, they can easily book the car online, after the required verifications. The car can then be taken on the date of booking from the receiving address given beforehand.

What are the countries that have these facilities?

Most countries today do. Well to name a few, Dubai, France, Germany, Australia, Mexico, London, India, and so many more.

Are these expensive?

Well, of course it would be slightly expensive but if a budget is maintained and savings are done, the costs would not look so much for the cars that you can ride. The prices are different on different websites and definitely vary with countries. With Dubai, since there are so many of these facilities the prices have driven down. So, good luck there!

We hope this article helped. Happy driving!

Glass Pipes – Enhancing the Smoking Style

The creativity depends on how you use the routine products in such a way that it looks attractive to the viewer. Smoking is the common phenomenon among the members in the society. The technique of smoking with the old and opaque tools are traditional and hence no more in demand. With the developing economy the producers are focusing on the presentation of each and every elements in such a way that they present class for the user. Smoking pipe is the modern technique enhancing the way of smoking among the people. It is the way of consuming the drug through pipe. It allows the intake of the smoking cannabis, crack cocaine, pcp, opium and crystal methamphetamine. This pie has the hollow bulb at the other end to put the smoke out of it. The user receives the smell of the drugs and excrete the smoke out. Such pipes can either be simple or straight or curved in the Z shape depending upon the choice of the producers.

Functioning of the Glass Pipes

The user burns the drug and place them in the hollow sphere of the pipe. They take in the breath and gets the flavor, smell and smoke in the mouth. After experiencing the pleasure of smell they excrete out the smoke so taken. The proper consumption of such drugs and the way to enjoy them better, comes with the regular practice of the consumption. The smell of the drugs differ accordingly. Drugs like Crystal meth has the powerful and thicker smoke while those marijuana and other Cannabis has light smoke. However, the smell of cannabis are much more powerful than the smoke of shards structured crystal meth. Glass pipes are comfortable smoking pipes. They are mostly handmade and there size and color differs according to the suitability. The producers try to present the smoking pipes to the consumer in such a way that it seems easy and comfortable to use as well as attractive to the vision. The site allows to choose the right pipe for the smoking.

Different Types of Glass Pipes

The variety of choice allows the user to experience different taste and size of the pipes. The length and size of such pipe effects the tastes and smoke of the drug. The people fond of smoking doesn’t get lots of choice on the offline stores in regards to the smoking pipes. The glass pipes are available in two forms-

  • Translucent Glass Pipes: Such type of pipes allow the lights to pass through partially. The intake and phenomenon involved in the consumption of weed can be examined partially. The user may fail to experience the phenomenon of the smoke removal in the pipes.
  • Transparent Glass Pipes: These type of glass pipes allows the light to pass through it completely. The phenomenon of weed ingestion is vividly clear from outside. The user can notice the movement of smoke through the pipes.

Components of the Smoking Pipes

The smoking pipes allow the user to feel high. The consumer experience the life in totally different manner. For the particular period of time it take you away from the real life and present you in life of fun. The smoking pipes involves four parts in the functioning:

  • Mouthpiece: It is the first end of the pipe placed in the contact with the mouth. The user suspend the pipes with the lips and inhale the weeds component. It totally depends on the user how longer it can hold the smoke in the mouth. The beginners tends to hold it for the shorter time while the experienced one enjoys the complete phenomenon.
  • Neck: After the mouth piece the pipe has the curve which moves it to the lower portion. Neck is that portion of the glass pipes which connects the bowl and mouthpiece at the edge.
  • Bowl: The hollow portion located between the mouthpiece and the carb. The weeds are placed in it. The amount of drugs to be placed depends upon you. The bowl holds the weeds and makes the inhale easy for the user.
  • Crab: The carb is the end portion of the glass pipes. It is located at the other edge of the pipes. This bulb shaped structure is used to excrete out the smoke from the human mouth outside.

Availability of the Choice

The user can experience the availability of choice regarding the glass pipes. They can select the best suitable pipe for them based on the size and shape. The experience and skilled smoker has better knowledge about the pipes. If you are still limited to the local shops for the pipes. You can readily visit this site for the best pipes available. Large number of glass pipes are available at reasonable price on this site. Switch to the glass pipe from the old and obsolete technique to enhance the smoking experience.

An Insight into the Future of Contour LED Lights

A light is a very simple natural phenomena which is an agent that kindles the ability to see things and make them visible. But, that is just the natural alight that is known to you. The artificial lights such as laser, LED, halogen, incandescent and so on are used for multiple purposes apart from just fulfilling the purpose of providing visibility. The other uses of artificial lights are curing diseases, helps in controlling the daily system of the human body, supervises the chemical changes in the body, and other biological purposes. One such source of medical healing is the contour LED. This light is used to treat fat and obesity related problems with non-surgical methods. This method is used by surgeons and is considered to be much safer than going under the knife which is not always beneficial for the patient. The usage of lights for treating health related issues and curing patients has also been supported by many research studies, and their effectiveness has been found to be better than surgical methods. The lights have to be laser or light emitting diode lights that specifically serve the purpose of medical treatment.

What Are LED And Lipo Laser Lights And How Are They Used To Treat Medical Issues?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) and Lipo lights are laser based lights that are used to in machines for fat removal technology. The technology uses liposuction methodology to remove fat and cure people of obesity. The results produced by contour LED and lipo lights are positive and similar to the surgical method of fat removal or the traditional hostile process of liposuction. The light that is used has to be of high frequency and of lower wavelengths.

The liposuction technology using contour LED focuses short wavelengths on the affected area of the human body, which is full of fats or dead cells. The technology is also used for cancer treatment in patients. The lipo light works by focusing the energy of light on the fat accumulated inside the body and liquefies it. The fat in the form of adipose gets absorbed by the body and later gets removed naturally. This is a very important step as there is a category of fats that are even resistant to exercise and dieting. Thus, it becomes imperative for patients to go for this fat removal method. The human body is able to adjust itself to laser wavelengths before the real process of surgery begins. Contour LED as the name itself suggests carves the body into the right shape by heating the body and removing excess fat from it.

An Overview into the Machines Used To Treat Obesity with the Help of Contour Lights and Liposuction

The machine works on the concept of heating with the help of laser generating diodes which are used to heat the fat inside the body with the help of a heating element installed inside the machine. The diodes give rise to emissions that facilitate the generation of wavelengths that is the main source of optimal energy for the machine. The number of diodes present in the machine is what enhances the performance, and determines the area that can be covered by laser. The intensity of brightness also depends upon this factor.

The lipo laser and contour led light using machines have many pads installed which are called paddles. The number of paddles in a machine can range from four to twenty four in number depending upon the model and size of machine. The number of diodes in each paddle is different. The first model is known to have four to six pads, and produced wavelengths of 660 to 670 nm. The present generation being the third generation has wavelengths ranging from 630 to 645 nanometres.

A Look at the Few Brands That Are Reliable In Liposuction Industry

There are a few models that are recommended by doctors and surgeons in the medical industry. They are:

  • NLAL (laser): the machine is portable and was designed by an experienced medical practitioner. The cost is on the lower end and is considerably lower than other brands. This model is better than other brands as it produces effective laser technology which is not present in many other brands. The best benefit of this model is that it can be used by patients even while exercising. The NLAL laser is more powerful and effective than other machines as it is more stable and powerful than many other machines present in the industry for the same purpose. The level of heating is so good that it heats and dissolves almost six hundred calories every session.
  • Contour Light: the contour light is one of the most powerful liposuction machine that works by emitting diodes and uses almost 1950 diodes at a single time. This allows the sessions to be of shorter duration and of high effectiveness. The model in place of paddle or pads uses straps. The machine is extremely powerful and the sessions conducted using this machine is speedy and produces positive results. The machine is safe for at home use as well and has been recommended by clinical researches.
  • Zerona: is one of the oldest brands that is still serving its customers very effectively, and has the approval of Federal Drug Association or commonly called as FDA. The model is old school based but is still known to be effective in treating patients and giving positive results. The price of the model is a bit on the higher side due to its old school design.

Although, there are several machines and models available in the market but, one should purchase a model only after proper research and consultation from their doctor. The machine should be operated by a trained professional and under proper preventive methods. The model and their specifications can be researched online and there are online consultants who hold expertise in advising the patients and even surgical institutes who might be interesting in ordering the machine for treatment purposes.

Lead The Technical World With Updated Technical Knowledge By The Great Device

Buying a new gadget is a hectic task and with so many options available, it becomes almost impossible to choose the best. Whether you are buying an appliance for your home, for your office or simply a small gadget, knowing all the available options is necessary. The question is where to invest your money in order to get the best return and the cheap and the best product. With you get to know what’s trending and latest in the market without the pain of visiting shop to shop. All required information is available at your finger tip, on your mobile screen and all you have to do is to click and chose and swap. Here are details about some products which you will find extremely useful while buying huge gadgets as well as small appliances.

Let darkness hide in bowels of hell with brightest garage lightening

Your garage is not a place where you park your vehicle, but a multipurpose arena which you may use for workshop, music practice and for many other purposes. Such a place with so high importance should be lighted well to amplify your spirits and help you succeed in whatever you do in your dear parking place. Here are some qualities which you would like to have in your garage lights-

  • They should not be very harsh: Harsh garage lights should be avoided as they flash upon the glass while you are parking your vehicle and may result in some unwanted incident.
  • Less electricity consumption: If your garage is where you practice music or simply harbors your workshop, it is quite possible that you spend a lot of time there, sometimes whole night is spent working. It’s not feasible to use a high power consuming lightening device for long hours as the electricity bill will easily go out of the brim of your budget. In such a situation a device which consumes less energy is best suited for your place.
  • Long lasting life: The garage lightening should be long lasting and should last till the whole worth of your money is utilized.

Hunt your game with handheld GPS and bag your game without much trouble

Hunting is a hobby of many but loosing game is really irritating and may spoil the fun of the game. Suppose you are standing beneath a shady tree and suddenly you see a dear next to it, it’s obvious that your adrenaline will shoot up and you would like to kill in the first shot but it breaks into a trot and runs and runs, you are likely to miss it but not with handheld GPS for hunting, which will show you the location of your game and you will definitely enjoy hunting in the modern way. Now when you are out to buy handheld hunting GPS, look for these qualities-

  • Wide screen: A GPS screen should be wide enough to show the directions and locations clearly so that you don’t mess up with the way and hunting turns out to be bliss it was intended to be.
  • All base maps should be preloaded: You obviously would not like to upload map in your phone standing in the mid of the jungle, right? So for the sake of your comfort and not being deceived at the time of emergency, do check that your device is preloaded with all the required maps.
  • Easy sharing and good connectivity: When you are trapped in the forest hunting your game, you should be well connected with your friends and team and if possible to your family also to avoid getting lost uninformed.
  • Your GPS should hunt for you: When you are already spending money in buying GPS, it should also be used to provide you rest which is possible in some GPS devices which have the option of finding game for you and all you need to do is follow the direction and shoot.
  • Dynamic maps: Your GPS should be dynamic and never resist change, rather update itself time to time. Some new models provide you the option to add maps as per your will and are very helpful if you are going to an unknown and new place for hunting.

Information is weapon, so keep be updated to win the war of getting the best in the cheapest rate.

Read The Top Water Softener System Reviews

Are you the one who is living in the hard water area which is infested completely? If yes, then you must have a quality rated and functional system of water softener in your office and home quickly. Since years, the hard water has built reputation for damaging and mercilessly corroding the home pipes and appliances which make use of water as coffee maker, dishwasher and more. And the worst thing is that, it damages the skin too. You must not forget that it ruins hair and make them look drab. Fortunately, there is a way for killing this menace. One must install the water softener at home which can offer amazing results.

If you have now planned to buy these systems of water softener and looking out for the brand new one, then you should check out the water softener system reviews that can help you in deciding which product can well for you. The main objective is to help you in picking right water system for home, for some great results. These listed systems are the one that acts as best and can offer you right value at the same time. If you need a quick decision, then have a look at these product, their description, features, pros and cons to make an easy choice and get it installed in less time and effort.

Top water softener system reviews

  1. There are major brand in the industry of water softening. All water treatment appliances and devices are made of the quality rated material and known for its optimal performances. This is the system of grain water softener which is popular for permanent and efficient transformation of the hard water in large volumes into the soft water for both commercial and home settings. They are designed 100 per cent and even assembled in USA by making use of prime quality of materials, so there is no doubt that such a system can come for saving you from hard water without any failure.

Pros of grain water softener

  • It includes the polygalas tank
  • Make in USA
  • It is metered digitally and comes with on-demand valve
  • Comes with around 48,000 of grain capacity
  • Easy in use as it includes the touch pad and LCD controls
  • Includes 5 years of control head warranty and the 10 years of tank warranty


No demerits found as such of this product.

  1. 2. Reverse drinking water system: the reverse system of drinking water filter and the ultimate water softener is top in list as this starts with reverse osmosis system. It includes the WQA (Water quality association) gold seal that states it meets almost all required standard for every appliance of water treatment. It softens all household water efficiently and brings end of all scary threats which are associated with this hard water.


  • It filters around 1000 water pollutants within the permeable membrane
  • Holds the certification of WQA gold seal
  • Includes 3.2 Gallon pressurized tank
  • Comes with one year of warranty


The only demerit of this product is that it only comes with one year of warranty which is less time for an expensive water softener system

  1. Water softener: as per the water softener system reviews, this one are for all homeowners that are undergoing hard times. One can be pleased to note that such a water softener comes with pocket friendly cost. This is also termed as the most recommended water softener for home. You must also know that being tagged at low price, it is not at all a non-performer. It enjoys the higher popularity than other models.

Pros of water softener system

  • Easy in installation
  • Softens the water without removal of healthy nutrients
  • Comes with one year of money back guarantee
  • Offers longevity and don’t tear up soon


Less years of warranty is offered as compared to other brands

  1. Drinking water filter: if you are looking out for helpful system which can soften well the water and tap water, then you must bring home this water filter system.


  • It is known for removing 99 per cent of the water pollutants and contaminants that are present in your water
  • Makes the water healthy and safe for drinking.


It comes without any flaws.

Check out all the water softener system reviews online and make the best purchase today.

Best Wireless dog fence system for your Dog Safety

Dogs are the most faithful animals, and the best friends of mankind. Having a pet dog is the ultimate goal of many. A dog can make you happy like no one else can. They understand you, and unconditionally love you, through all the good and bad times of your life. Or at least this is what the humans feel like. Having a dog to love and be loved by is an absolute treasure and many people all around the world are keeping dogs as pets because of this same very lovable bond created between the two.

Dog safety and best wireless dog fence system:

Keeping your pet dogs safe and healthy is the utmost priority of every dog owner. This is why they et them vaccinations and healthy food and keep them away from all kinds of harms and dangers. It is also necessary to fence them in safe and secure boundaries so they don’t stray away or get themselves in danger.

However, keeping a dog in boundaries is not always possible. Sometimes all your dog really want is to go out and mess around and you simply can’t keep him in. other times, when you’re out for a walk, it becomes difficult to keep your dog where you want him to be. That is when the best wireless dog fence system comes in!

Best wireless dog fence system:

What is a wireless dog fence system? It means that there will be an invisible boundary set for your dog and the dog cannot go out of the fence. Every time he tries to sneak out of the fence he will be given a very mild shock, the purpose of which is not to scare away the dog but only to remind him that he is going out of the boundary.

How to choose the best wireless dog fence system:

It is necessary that you choose a dog fence system that is user friendly as well as dog friendly. Here at our website we will help you choose the best system for you and your dog.

Wireless pet containment system reviews:

We provide you with the top wireless pet fence reviews, so that we might help you in choosing the best system for you.

What do you need to look for when picking up a wireless pet containment system?

Well, first thing is the cost. If you decide and plan to construct a wooden fence for your dog, it can cost you fortunes. The wood, the construction, labour and installation, all together will cost you more money than you had imagined and will not be even worth it. Your wooden fence may not be weather friendly or it may place hurdles in your porch or front yard which might not be a very keen sight.

If you plan to buy a portable fence system, that might work for you. But only with the expenditure of a lot of money. Portable fence systems can cost you up to 1500$ while if you buy a wireless pet containment system, it will only cost an average of 500$.

There you go, a visible difference you have!

When you hit off to buy a wireless pet fence system, our wireless pet containment system reviews can help you through.

You have to make sure that the system you buy is:

  • easy to install
  • cost friendly
  • user friendly

However, there are pros and cons to everything in the world. The con about a wireless dog fence system is that it might not work with full efficiency in place where there are too many hurdles or bushes etc., as it can blur away the boundaries. But, by using our top wireless pet fence reviews you can ensure that you are buying the most suitable product for your need.

How do our wireless pet containment system reviews on our website help you?

When you visit our website, you will see a table of comparison between the specifications of different models of wireless per fence systems, presented by different companies.

Clicking on the link will get you to the Amazon website, from where you can make the deal and buy your favorite pet fence system for your dog.

There are also the top wireless pet fence reviews mentioned with the links, that are specifically added there by other users of Amazon who have first handed experienced the product and their opinions and honest and helpful.

While looking for a wireless pet fence system it is necessary to keep in mind the size of your r dog. As the size of your dog can greatly affect the working and efficiency of your system. If you have smaller dogs, who can easily be harmed by other larger animals, it is compulsory the you find a system that can contain little animals more efficiently. While most systems work great with larger dogs, you will have to work and find a system best suited for your little sized creature.

The next thing you have to consider while going through wireless pet containment system reviews is that how many dogs can your system support? Usually the systems can support and fence in 1 to 2 dogs, but if your dog is planning to have puppies in the future or you are going to adopt more dogs you should have this in mind and prepare for it before handed. You should choose a pet containment system that works bet with a larger number of dogs so that you won’t have to replace your whole system every time a new member joins the family and you can save yourself the entire cost of replacement.

These are some of the points that you should keep in mind, while opting for the best wireless dog fence system, and our top wireless per fence reviews will make sure that you choose the best. After all, this is what our services are for!

So, keep loving your dog, and keep looking through out top wireless pet fence reviews.

Noticeable carpet cleaning services

If you have problems with difficult stains on carpets and urgently need a washing and cleaning carpet you can approach us who offers a good housekeeping service. Carpet cleaning have modern machines ideal to give a guarantee to the washing of your carpet, we use biodegradable detergents specially formulated to ensure a total cleaning; Parallel to the washing, a turbo dryer is used that provides quick drying of your carpet. We have highly qualified personnel responsible for a washing service. There is no type of carpet that is easier to keep clean because the lifestyles of people are different. However, there are several that tend to stay in good shape and look like new for many years. If you clean your carpet properly, taking into account the type of fabric and fibre, it will last you a long time. Owners who want a beautiful rug that is easy to care for and durable have many options.

Buying a good quality carpet is a good start to ensure that you can easily maintain it.

Any carpet you buy should be dense enough so that the backing is not easily seen when the fibres are folded back. Some carpets are resistant to stains, due to a very high density of fibres that repel dirt and stains. Others are treated with special chemicals that repel stains. If your carpet is resistant to stains or not, one way to keep it clean is to completely remove stains immediately.

When cleaning carpet spills at carpet cleaning, as much as possible should be erased before it is cleaned. A wet-dry vacuum will also help remove moisture from the carpet. Once the maximum amount of liquid is removed, a cloth moistened with club soda can be used to rub the fibres of the carpet and remove the stain. A light pinch of baking soda to dry and then vacuum later can also help.

Tips to keep your carpet clean by carpet cleaning:

  • Buy the right type of carpet for your needs.
  • Get the best quality you can afford.
  • Have your carpet cleaned regularly by professionals??
  • Use the cleaning method that is best for your type of carpet.
  • Stop dirt on the door by removing shoes or using barriers.

The carpet made of nylon fibres is not only the most durable but also the easiest to clean. Polypropylene and polyester fibres do not hide stains or last so long. The compensation is that these are less expensive choices. Wool rugs are easy to clean because wool has natural water repellent properties and wool also has less static electricity to attract dirt. Wool can sometimes be a costly option, but carpet that is a mixture of wool and synthetic fibres can be durable and economical. Berber and other textured carpets have the advantage of showing less dirt. However, do not use printed fabric in areas of high traffic, as dirt will accumulate in low areas. This makes the carpet harder to vacuum and also makes cleaning an arduous task.

Regardless of the type of carpet, it is recommended that you use a professional carpet cleaning service. In the case of steam cleaning, the heating elements in the trucks can heat the water and the larger machines have more suction available to do a complete job.

Carpet cleaning dry at carpet cleaning:

Dry cleaning uses solvents and a very small amount of moisture to remove dirt and remove it from the carpet. The professionals have experience in the use of the chemical products necessary for the dry cleaning of carpets. If you point them at problem areas, they can give you additional treatment to remove stubborn stains. Even with regular professional cleaning, the cost of carpet maintenance is even less than the care of hardwood floors. The carpets are an object of decoration that gives warmth and personality to our environments. However, if we do not maintain them properly, besides losing the intensity of colour and caking, they can accumulate a lot of dust and with it, the mites that trigger some allergic processes.

What tricks can we recommend to clean the carpets and keep them in their optimal state?

The basic thing to keep our carpets clean is to vacuum them and brush them regularly. This is the basis of good maintenance and will keep them fluffy like the first day. In addition, a trick so that the colours remain bright and do not go out is to apply salt every 15 days. This should spread throughout the surface of the carpet and let it act for 60 minutes, after which it should be vacuumed. This treatment also serves if we want to store the carpet for a period of time, but in that case, we will not aspirate the salt, but we will roll the carpet with it and we will aspirate it when we are going to use it again.

All carpets will stay cleaner longer if dirt is not tracked from the outside. One way to guarantee this is to leave the shoes at the door. The design of the house can protect the carpet by having a tiled vestibule or an entrance to the mudroom. Keeping pets and food out of carpeted areas will also help keep carpets cleaner for longer.


Of course, no matter how careful you are, the carpet will attract some dirt. Vacuuming regularly will keep your carpet clean and new. It is much easier to remove dirt immediately than once it has settled. Aspirate with long, slow movements, giving the cleaner time to collect all the debris. Commercial companies are the most wear on the carpets. Health care companies often use antimicrobial treatments on the carpet to help prevent the spread of germs. Companies can also pay more for the carpet that is previously dyed before being tufted. This will provide additional protection against bleaching by cleaning agents and discolouration of sunlight. And, of course, companies have a regular schedule to clean their carpets. Emulating this at home will do a lot to keep your carpet cool.

There are many options when installing carpets and each style and type of fibre will work for you if you keep it regularly. Choosing the right carpet for your needs, having it properly installed and making sure it is professionally cleaned will go a long way in keeping your carpet clean and attractive for years to come. Or, opt for carpet cleaning!


The care of our face is of the utmost importance and we must protect it from all those agents that damage it, the sun, dust, sweat or contamination; A practical way to do it is with a facial. Facial cleansing is an essential routine to maintain the hygiene of facial skin. Dirt and environmental pollution, makeup and even stress are some factors that cause the skin to accumulate dirt and lose vitality, freshness and luminosity. As much as you clean your skin daily, it gets dirty every day. With the passage of time, our skin can become full of impurities. To finish with them and to have a splendid face again, a deep facial cleansing is necessary, which we will talk about next.

A facial is an exclusive facial cleansing and its intention is mainly the elimination of dead cells. Before doing any treatment you should always be cleansed, start with a mechanical exfoliation with your hands, that is, “drag the dead cells”. This process can also be chemical and is called “exfoliation with glycolic acid”. Keeping the face clean and taken care of is essential to show a healthy and pleasant looking skin. Even if you do not put on makeup, it is necessary to clean the skin every day to eliminate traces of cream, pollution, dust, etc. Of course, it is not enough to wash your face with soap and water, but every so often it is advisable to perform a deep cleaning, which should always be carried out by a professional.

And as we already know, there are different types of skin, normal, oily, dry, mixed and sensitive; so always balance the PH with a tonic and leave the skin balanced. Then the vials come, they can be nutritious, anti ageing, moisturizing or oxygenating; this help to hide the lines of expression. Finally, apply a sunscreen that leaves the complexion ready for any occasion and even for makeup; sometimes masks are also applied. The deep facial cleansing is critical to remove impurities, pimples and blackheads that can form on our face.

It is also the first step to optimize any aesthetic treatment you want to do later since it facilitates the penetration into the skin of the active compounds that are applied in cases of ultra hydrating shock, anti-age treatments or prior to mechanical or chemical peels. Even in those treatments that use equipment, such as electroporation, dermo LEDs or radiofrequency.

But what is deep facial cleansing?

Broadly speaking we will tell you what a professional deep facial cleansing is, so you know what steps apply to your face in a regular session. Experts recommend that starting at age 16 it is convenient to start a monthly care on the face with the intention of protecting and moisturizing the skin for years to come. If you still do not start, do not worry, look for a spa where you can get a facial and look healthy skin.

8 benefits of facial cleansing

The skin of the face is the one that is more exposed to dust and environmental contaminants, factors that fill it with impurities, irritate and make it susceptible to premature ageing if you do not have proper hygiene. Therefore, facial cleansing should be essential in your beauty routine. After a difficult day of work, the last thing you think about is washing your face, so it is common to go to sleep with a dirty face since there is a belief that nothing will happen. However, over time the skin looks dull and imperfections, which can also lead to infections due to various elements accumulating in the skin, such as makeup residue, sweat, dust, environmental pollutants, natural oils and dead cells.

  1. It allows the oxygenation of the skin.
  2. Cosmetic products designed to improve the appearance of the skin have greater effectiveness.
  3. Delays the appearance of wrinkles.
  4. The skin is brighter.
  5. Helps reduce the appearance of fatigue.
  6. Eliminates acne and blackheads.
  7. The skin looks smoother and smoother.
  8. A skin clean accepts and displays better makeup.

To achieve a successful facial cleansing you only have to moisten your face with a little warm water, then apply a cosmetic product suitable for your skin type and rinse. To not lose firmness apply a tonic with a cotton pad, finally, apply a moisturizing cream. Caring for the skin of your face is easier than you imagine, you just have to adopt the habit of washing your face every day. Remember that discipline is the key to success. The first step that is carried out, after determining your skin biotype (skin type), we proceed to the skin, then a gentle exfoliation is made and the manual removal or with appliances of the black spots that could be, especially in the areas of greater formation: the zone T.  After this step comes to the application of a decongestive mask to eliminate redness or irritation of the skin after removal of black spots and then apply some light moisturizer and sunscreen.

What happens after the first session of deep facial cleansing?

The main thing you will notice is a more “white” aspect of your skin, the result of the extraction of unsightly black spots, more if they were in large quantities. On the other hand, you will notice that the texture of your skin will be much smoother and smoother, more uniform and even in its entirety.

How often can I perform a deep facial cleansing?

This depends on the specific needs of your skin. But in general, a deep facial cleaning once a month is recommended to keep the skin in good condition and optimize the use of the cosmetic products you use at home. In case of acne or skin with many impurities, a higher frequency may be necessary, for example, 1 or 2 times per week until the skin rebalances and improves its appearance and functioning. So if you want to look more radiant and clean, a deep facial is what you need.

What and where to eat?

Vibrant and surprising, this is Singapore, the Asian Tiger, a city, island and nation that with more than 5 million inhabitants has become a global icon. Together with Bangkok and Hong Kong, Singapore is currently one of the standards of Southeast Asia. Singapore is known for having two great national sports: eating and shopping. In a few places, food is taken so seriously and generates so much passion. This Food Blog is so far the best! In Asia, Singapore and Hong Kong are two great gastronomic centres. Singapore’s supporters argue that the city outperforms Hong Kong by having lower prices (by comparing the same level of service) and maintaining the same level of a Chinese rival.

There are numerous Food Blog and pages maintained on the internet by gourmets of Singapore of all ages and gastronomic interests addressing the food issue. Other pages are dedicated to sharing gastronomic experiences through the evaluations of their users. Questions like which is the best hawker or the best food court in the city or where you eat the best dish xo which is the best buffet or seafood restaurant and seafood generate heated discussions. Eating out is part of the day to day for a large part of Singaporeans. In addition, food plays an important role in family, religious, cultural and professional rituals of Singaporeans.

Flavours of Singapore – Food Blog:

Despite being a young country, Singapore ended up absorbing dishes from other cultures and creating versions that acquired their own identity with flavours that are only found in the city-state. The Laksa, the Hainanese Chicken Rice, the Roti Prata and the Rojak are some examples of dishes not originating in Singapore but that now have flavours or combinations of ingredients typical of the city.

The national dish is Chilli Crab, a dish born on the East Coast of Singapore that over the years, like the city itself, has been modified. But there are still places that claim to prepare the ancient recipe of Chilli Cobra. You can also try the Black Pepper Crab and the White Pepper Crab, more aromatic and less spicy versions.

Despite the fame of the drink created at the Raffles Hotel, Singapore Sling is far from being the national drink. Those who come closest to this concept would be coffee (Kopi, as it is called in Singapore) and tea (Teh in its local name) served in Singapore, which often with Malaysian influences adapted the city’s own colours.

The durian is the national fruit. With a very characteristic smell and flavour and an expensive price, it is a fruit that does not leave indifferent to those who taste it: either they love it or they hate it.

The Peranakan cuisine, a cuisine with Chinese roots and a strong Malay influence, also stands out in Singapore, having its historical origin in the first Chinese merchants who came to the island and married the locals. All thse are mentioned in the Food Blog.

The GUIDE OF SINGAPORE has a page dedicated entirely to the most typical flavours of Singapore.

These are the texts that we have already published in the GUIDE OF SINGAPORE about typical foods of the destination:

  • Bak Kut The
  • Biryani Rice
  • Char kway teow
  • Chilli Crab and many more!
  • Flavours of Asia

As the country has its roots in Malaysian, Indian and Chinese cultures, there is no shortage of restaurant options that offer the city’s visitors the best of these cuisines. You can also taste dishes from Indonesia, a neighbouring country of Singapore, in the city. It is worth noting that the kitchens of almost all the regions of these countries are present in Singapore. Nothing to eat only Chinese Cantonese food as Food Blog is used to in some countries. In Singapore, there are culinary traditions from various regions of China, India and Indonesia. You have more information on pages we have dedicated guide to Chinese cuisine, the Indian cuisine and Malaysian cuisine.

The offer of Japanese restaurants is large and ranges from kaiten (sushi served on a conveyor belt), through Japanese buffets to the art of traditional kaiseki. We have given more information on the Japanese cooking page of this guide.

Flavours of the world

The English and Dutch regional influence of the past, the presence of a large expatriate community and a large influx of tourists, coupled with the huge interest for local food created in Singapore the conditions for it to become a fertile ground for the Establishment of restaurants that offer the best of world gastronomy. In Singapore, you can find from restaurants with the signature of famous chefs to representatives of the largest chains of restaurants and fast food in the world. From the Brazilian churrasco, through the Turkish, Persian, German, French, Italian, Irish, Spanish cuisine to the Mongolian cuisine that is also present in the city.

Flavours for all budgets at Food Blog

To eat well in Singapore, you do not have to spend a fortune. The famous food of the Hawkers and Food Courts has prices around 5 SGD. There are numerous neighbourhood restaurants offering regional food at affordable prices. But if you want to try menus with the signature of renowned chefs, you will not miss options either.

Why travel to Singapore?

Touring the Singapore River by boat, eating in a hawker, seeing the skyscrapers from Merlion Park, visiting Little India, walking through Chinatown and having a drink in Clarke Quay are some of the experiences you can experience in Singapore. If everything said above can encourage you to visit Singapore, once you travel you will realize that the best of the city is its unique and unique environment. Singapore is a city where you will find people any day at any time: concerts, events and street life are common to all the inhabitants of the city.

Discover why tourism in Singapore increases year after year.

This part of the guide is dedicated to give you advice on the main dishes and sign up some establishments where you can find good food that is served in Singapore at all levels of sophistication and price. Check more at Food Blog.

Analysis diseases sexual transmission

More than 40% of adults admit to having unprotected sex on occasion, which increases the risk of transmission of any of the more than 20 types of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) that exist. On specific dates, such as carnivals or summer, the incidence of these diseases increases considerably in the Canary Islands.

Many of these STDs do not show symptoms. Therefore, early detection is key both in the treatment of the disease and in the control of its contagion. In cheap std testing near me there is a specific profile to diagnose or rule out venereal diseases by molecular biology. It is only necessary to perform a simple blood test.

What are sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infectious diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact. They are among the most common infectious diseases, and the United States has the highest rates of these diseases in the industrialized world.

Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases:

The best way to prevent getting an STD is to abstain from any type of sexual relationship. However, if you decide to have sexual activity, or are already sexually active, there are several precautionary measures you can take to help reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases and that are recommended by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIAID). Among these are:

  • Have a mutually monogamous sexual relationship with an uninfected partner
  • The use (consistent and correct) of the male condom
  • The use of sterile needles if they inject intravenous drugs
  • Decrease susceptibility to HIV infections by preventing and controlling other sexually transmitted diseases

Delay the onset of sexual intercourse as much as possible – the younger the person is when they start having sex for the first time, the more susceptible it is to get a sexually transmitted disease.

  • Have regular checks for the detection of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Learn the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases and seek medical help as soon as possible before any symptoms
  • Avoid having sex during menstruation
  • Avoid anal intercourse, or use a male condom
  • Avoid douching

What to do when diagnosed with an STD?

Begin treatment immediately, take all medications and follow the advice of the doctor.

  • Do not breastfeed or use breast milk to feed the baby.
  • Inform all your recent sexual partners and insist that they go to the doctor.
  • Avoid sexual activity while on treatment for the sexually transmitted disease.
  • Follow up tests to make sure that the sexually transmitted disease has been treated successfully.

If you think you may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease, do not eat your head … Take the ANALYSIS test for € 95 and get a 10% discount when you buy it through our online store. Do not wait more and look for cheap std testing near me.

The importance of detecting Sexually Transmitted Diseases in time

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) represent a group of pathologies that can have disastrous consequences, especially if they are not diagnosed early. Some of them even, until they are in a very advanced state, appear without symptoms; That’s when complications arise, sometimes irreversible. The detection of STDs before their development, treatment and prevention, are fundamental pillars in all Public Health policies of advanced societies. The Laboratory has recently acquired the technology that allows it to detect a large number of these diseases.

There are many cheap std testing near me. Some present with rashes or skin lesions, pain in the genitals, burning urination, fever or malaise, among other symptoms. However, some diseases can take weeks, months and even years without generating symptoms. In fact, sometimes these symptoms never appear, although the carrier of the disease can continue to spread it. For this reason, its detection is a key factor not only to start the treatment as soon as possible but to prevent the disease from spreading and spreading.

Causes of STDs

STDs can be caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Some of the best known are chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV, human papillomavirus, genital herpes and syphilis, among others. Some of them, if not detected early and treated, can cause serious disorders and even death, such as HIV, which causes AIDS. In addition, these types of diseases can cause serious health problems for the baby, in case of pregnancy, such as malformations or premature births. At present, blood tests, gynaecological samples and urine are sufficient to detect STDs, although symptoms are not suffered. Analysis has at its disposal the necessary technology to perform a wide range of detections.

What is the test to detect Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Detection by the molecular biology of 7 sexually transmitted pathogens: Chlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Mycoplasma hominis, Mycoplasma genitalium, Ureaplasma parvum, Ureaplasma urealyticum and Trichomonas vaginalis. In this way, it broadly covers the most frequent causes of urethritis and cervicitis. This new profile also allows the detection of HIV and Syphilis. The first is done by detecting Antibodies and P24 Antigen by chemiluminescence.


  • For men, the first urination of the first-morning urine is used or after two hours without urinating and drawing blood.
  • For women, the first urination of the first urine in the morning or after having spent two hours without urinating, or taking endocervical exudate by your gynaecologist and blood extraction is used.

Fast, confidential and cheap STD testing near me

Choose the STD Test right for you Icon

  • Choose Tests

Choose your STD test: individual test, a standard panel or a complete STD test panel. Our tests are fast, private and reliable. Find a cheap std testing near me!

  • Visit a Laboratory

Select one of our 4500 laboratories approved by the FDA or certified by CLIA throughout the country. It is easy to find cheap std testing near me. Get your Fast STD Test results in 48 to 72 hours

  • Get the Results

The private results of the STD tests will be available in your online account in just 48 to 72 hours.

Tips to consider while buying used cars

Peoples or individuals can buy used cars for extremely evident reasons. Like it’s less expensive than the new car, the person who has a tight family spending plan they acknowledge the need to spare a little amount wherever but it must be conceivable. Used cars in Fontana are not really low-quality vehicles. Some of the other used cars have tough motors but that card life period is very reliable. Before going out to buy a used car in Fontana you ought to consider the things with the specific goals and requirements that you settle on the ideal choice of used cars.

  1. Administration history of the used car:

The used car in Fontana is heavy and can be sold at minimum prices but you should appear the administration routine. You should check the history of the car by its number. Automobile merchants and police have previous records you should request for checking.

  1. Enormous fixes in the used car:

Knowing a repair shop is extremely valuable but the vital point is to discover one that has no stake in whether you purchase the used or new auto. You should be careful with web advertisements that resemble rating local cars in Fontana.

  1. Is this used car is reliable or not?

You should check before buying that used car hat is it reliable or not. Purchase report is a go-to side for some customers since it not just records the cars history in different values. Here you need to check additional cautions and information about the car.

  1. Does this used car has a great test score?

You should check the car test score however crash test score is more worthy when merits putting on your radar screen.

  1. How much this used car utilizes the fuel quantity?

You can look at the car normal fuel mileage at different sites but definitely, you must prefer that car which will consume less fuel.

  1. You should request for inspection:

Before buying you must be inspecting all the features of the car and let your trained mechanic checked this used car before purchasing. This inspection and checking can resolve some difficulties which are underneath the root of your mind.

  1. Approve of ownership of the used car:

Most of the time you’re managing an individual property and not tie up a proper deal with them. You must ensure that whoever is selling the car to you have a genuine and approved agreement.

  1. Investigate some of the reviews of the car on the web:

There are numerous sites of cars in which you saw detailed information about any model. It’s somewhat more customer training to check these survey, however, will be well beneficial.

  1. Take at least 2 test drive of the car:

You have to drive the car so that you must be able to know that this car will fit in your hands or not. This will enable you to have a thought of how the auto reacts to you as a driver. You should try to test the used car in a variety of environments. Now after a test drive if you feel any disclosure or if you feel that this car is not comfortable then go for the other options in the market of Fontana.

  1. Is the car sounds?

Are there stains on the motor or the underside of the car demonstrating that it’s leaking or sounds? In the event that you can see the majority of threads like this now, it’s a right time to skip this offer.

  1. Is this used car is stolen?

On the off chance that you unconsciously buy a stolen car the police can track you. So before buying any used car, you should check the previous records.

  1. Ask the seller to get the card title and number:

If your seller does not have the car title and palette number than you must not buy a car from him. Always buy that product that has a warranty card.

  1. Has this used car been in a surge?

A used car is normally viewed as an aggregate misfortune and the title so noted. In any of the case, you have to keep this thing in your mind that a surge used car will be tidied up, not enlisted as a rescue and sent outside the surge territory. You will face mechanical and electrical issue after buying surge car.

  1. Research the checklist of the car:

You should make a point to translate the VIN to the seller. After this, you should survey the vehicle history report and consider taking a gander at an ensured pre-claimed car. Ask your seller to give you certified pre-own agreement papers. After obtaining an ensured pre-claimed car paper you can now make the decision to pay. Numerous neighborhood cars merchants in Fontana offer these used cars with a guarantee that stretch out past the underlying new scope.

  1. Set aside your opportunity to help avoid buyer’s remorse:

Just to place off you from purchaser regret never hurry into purchasing a used car. Setting aside the opportunity to so careful research and consult with the other peoples who are aware of these used cars. Take suggestions with the other friends and family to make the decision more powerful.


Buying a used car is an energizing prospect because of devaluation. It’s valuable to recognize what to pay special mind to before you make the vital buy. You can check the administration and history of the car which is important for you to spend in a right and secure way. So it’s great to put some essential steps for verification before buying any car. You should check the condition of the car and investigate the previous records of the car for satisfaction. But it may have more issues you have to face during the car investigation for further you should o the other mechanical engineer. These things rapidly transform a fantasy engine into a stack for the buyer of the car.

The lightning for your aquarium

If you are fans of the aquatic world and the fish species and you want to have some in a homemade variety of pond, you must ensure that you will give the right conditions, for that it is necessary that you have at hand the best aquarium lamp on the market. So to have a well-kept aquarium in the house you should first measure the size, decide on certain types of lighting, and do a test of what you need, if you led aquarium lighting.

Led aquarium lighting:

  1. Led aquarium lighting during the night

Something fundamental to keep in mind is the day/night cycles in the aquarium. This is very important when it comes to preventing your fish from being stressed by lack or excess of light. Stresses makes fish sick or not develop properly. In nature, there is rarely total darkness during the night and that is why LED lights are used in the aquarium. They are quite economical and allow the fish to orient themselves and continue with their natural behavior at night. It has even been proven that many corals proliferate vigorously when you imitate the moonlight. We recommend that you use a timer to regulate the lights automatically.

  1. Led aquarium lighting during the day

For the day special lamps are used for aquariums. These emit certain wavelengths that are not present in the common lights. It will be very useful and interesting to start investigating what are the needs of the fish that you have in your aquarium. For example, species from forested rivers do not receive direct light in their natural habitat and, probably, you should light the aquarium for fewer hours than for other species. On the other hand, those who come from tropical regions or shallow reefs are used to direct sunlight for many hours a day and need it to live and develop, like aquatic plants. For corals, it is also essential to use actinic lights. The light on the blue side of the spectrum they emit has a wavelength that is easily absorbed by corals and their symbiotic algae during photosynthesis. These are led aquarium lighting with low intensity, so they are usually combined with other stronger lights.

  1. The colour temperature of Led aquarium lighting

The colour temperature, measured in Kelvin, expresses what colour of the spectrum predominates in the light emitted by each bulb. For aquariums lights, less than 5,500ºK are not used, since they encourage the growth of algae. An example of this type of lights is incandescent bulbs, which are not suitable for aquariums. Lamps between 5,500 and 6,500ºK are those used for freshwater aquariums with plants.

The 10,000ºK give a very intense white light with a bluish tint and are ideal for reefs or deeper freshwater aquariums. Finally, those of 20,000ºK emit a very strong and blue light that is recommended only for very deep aquariums and deep-sea fish. Actinic lights are not measured in degrees Kelvin because they are in the ultraviolet zone and are used only for reef aquariums, since they are important for the development of corals as well as highlighting their natural fluorescence.

  1. Types of lamps for aquariums

Lamp types are not as important as intensity or colour. This part depends exclusively on your taste and your budget since there are large price variations between them. The most economical are incandescent bulbs, although there are different colours, none goes beyond 2,700ºK (up to 3,000ºK for halogen). These lights give a yellow light and stimulate the growth of algae, in addition to generating too much heat. Its use is only recommended for small fishbowls.

  1. Fluorescent tubes for aquariums

The most commonly used lights are fluorescent tubes and only those manufactured specifically for aquariums are appropriate. They tend to be quite cheap, they do not emit much heat and you will find them in different colours. The most common tubes are those known as T12, T8 and T5, classified according to diameter. The first two use common ballasts, while the T5 require much more expensive electronic ballasts. The T5 has the advantage of being smaller, so you can combine more tubes in a small space and get more light intensity.

For very deep tanks or those that require a lot of led aquarium lighting, there are fluorescent tubes of high emission (HO – high output) or very high emission (VHO – very high output), with greater penetration in the water. These last less than normal fluorescents and it is difficult to get the artefacts to install them, which is why many fish breeders use Power Compact fluorescent lamps instead. They are smaller and use less energy to produce the same intensity of light. They are available in the same colours as the previous ones, associated with two or four tubes for the same connection. They are a bit more expensive, but they are still an economical alternative.

  1. Metal halide led to aquariums

Finally, the led aquarium lighting for aquariums that produce the brightest light at present is those of metal halide. They are very popular in reef aquariums because their light produces a reflection very similar to that of the sun on the water and they provide enough light for the demanding corals, clams and anemones. They have some drawbacks, such as its high price, as well as the artefacts needed to install them, which are specific to each voltage (ranging between 70 and 1,000 watts per bulb). Another problem is that they are delicate and you should not touch the glass with your fingers, as the fat of the skin weakens them.

They also get very hot when they are on and should be left to cool for at least an hour before handling them. Do not forget that at us you will find everything you need to light up your aquarium correctly with the best led aquarium lighting that will make your fish live happily both day and night.

Design of Silo-Shaped Sites

The silo structure is a web architecture designed to improve the SEO of a website. It has been used for more than a decade, although Spain has arrived somewhat later. And there is still discussion about its real effectiveness. Some say it is a great way to get relevant positions for highly competitive keywords, relatively quickly.Others say that it is often impossible to apply it, or that the results are not worth the effort.

In this article, we are going to collect everything we know about the silo structure and the main doubts about it. And we will update it with an own experiment with which we will prove its real effectiveness. The design of sites in silos is a concept coined by Charles Heflin of Seo2020 in his book “The Master Plan”. It refers to the way we should structure our sites to get more traffic not only for our “long tail” terms but also for more competitive terms, being seen as well as an Authority Site in a short time. Looking for Building a Web Site Using A Silo Structure?

We ask ourselves how to do so?

If you are new or experienced, you will have realized by now that search engine optimization is not a simple thing. The algorithms are constantly changing and making the famous updates that have harmed us or one of our clients more than once.

What should we pay attention to fir Building a Web Site Using A Silo Structure?

  • In a few words, we must rely on generating very good content.
  • Fresh and contrasting information.
  • Social networks: Promoting our links through social networks helps us to an organic positioning and attract interested visitors in our sector.
  • One of the most important parts of the optimization of a website is the architecture of the URLs in SILO. This is highly recommended for websites that specialize in a specific topic and want to get positioned on all the long tail terms.

What are URLs in SILO?

The URLs in SILO allow search engines to know better the content of a website. It is about the different levels of independent categories from the home and from each branch of subcategories and entries that can link to their same level or back, but would not link with the ramifications of different categories.

Example of URLs in SILO

If we see the graph of the definition, we imagine a web that goes about pets. For example, We would have a category of DOGS, the URL would look like this: pets / dogs

The URLs can link with each other and with the lower level (dogs), but not with / Cats, because it would not have to see. If the web is new we should modify these URLs to optimize them to the maximum, the problem is if we have been on the blog for a long time. To change it could be a problem even if we have redirects; it is convenient not to abuse them.

How do we change the default URLs in WordPress?

We can change the word “category” for another by entering Settings / Permanent links and writing a new base category. This work in the structure of our site must be done after the research of keywords and before starting to build something since it constitutes the skeleton. It is a very important part of the process of creating websites, and at the same time, it can be complicated to understand. How will it help us bring more traffic? Making it very easy for search engines to realize what our site is about. Google has introduced the concept of Latent Semantic Indexing, which judges a site for its relevance to a subject. We no longer speak of keyword density, but of subject density. The subject density is how many related words appear connected to the subject of a page that is considered relevant by the search engines.

The theme density cannot be done with a single page. You need a complete site that supports the theme density, through a correct link to the internal pages. For this, the best way is to use the silo structure. For example, on eBay we see a menu where he shows us his categories. Clicking on one, it shows another menu with all the sub-categories – a silo. And we can even reach another level until we reach the specific products page. Another example would be, each subdomain of them is a theme, and each item in your menu is a silo. Do you may have, learned till now about Building a Web Site Using A Silo Structure.

Confused? It is best to use an image that better explains the concept:

Building a Web Site Using A Silo Structure and organizing our site into a silo structure, you will improve individual pages within a silo, and the silo itself. This is a powerful factor to take advantage of 99% of other sites! This is how by playing intelligently we can master the niches (with quality content!).

How to organize our site in silos?

Each silo is a section of the page, so if your page is for example “video games”, one section would be Xbox 360, another PS3 another Wii, and so on. Each of these sections is a silo, a theme. The index will be linked to the entry page of each silo. Each silo page will link to the contents of that silo with a menu. Building a Web Site Using A Silo Structure is best as the silo is based on folders within your structure (they can be in subdomains, worse in folders is easier) and each silo has to have at least 5 pages to be considered a topic.

So, for example, your site, you will have your niche of PS3 in, and all the themes of ps3 will be inside this folder. In this way, you will have your related pages in such a way that search engines can easily find them and you will be rewarded. It is a concept that is also very helpful for visitors since they will find content 100% related to what they were looking for.

The Oldest Working Post Office in the World

Postal System

The Oldest working Post Office is situated in Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire, UK. It has been working consistently since 1712. The second most established working mail station is situated in Stockholm, Sweden (1720) and the third in Santiago, Chile (1772)

Sanquhar Post Office

Sanquhar Post Office:

Sanquhar post office started as an arranging post for mail carriages started about 300 years ago and has been in ceaseless administration since then. Eight years older than its closest opponent in Stockholm, Sweden, it is formally honored by both the Universal Postal Union and Guinness World Records. The branch is a well-known fascination for postal and stamp lovers, who visit to have their letters set apart with a hand-stamp bearing the legend: “The World’s Oldest Post Office.” Mr. Alam is the sixteenth person to run the branch and assumed control from postmistress Penny Murphy.

Sanquhar post office opened its entryway in 1712 in Dumfries along the High Street. It is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest mail station on the planet. At the point when the mail station was opened, the postmen, who were called “runners,” kept running between officers to convey letters and packages. In 1738, the mail station started stamping sends and later acquainted steeds which were utilized with conveying letters and bundles. The mail station had no counters when it started its operations.

Operations of Sanquhar Post Office:

The letters were delivered through the window, where the clients are expected to tap the window and submit their letters along with the postal charges. The position of a postmaster was esteemed and was constantly held by men in other legitimate positions in the group, for example, executives, schoolmasters, and town agents. The mail station was modernized in 1974 with the substitution of the hand stamping by the hand-worked crossing out machine called bacon slicer. The historical backdrop of the Sanquhar post office has been formed by the group of Matthew Hogarth who maintained the business for a long time is as yet a committed client.

William Dalgleish, 75, vice executive of the Sanquhar Heritage Society, said that the post office worked distinctively in its initial days. There was no counter as we probably are aware them today. The mail was delivered through the window of the post office – you tapped on the window, delivered your mail and paid whatever charge was expected, and that is how it was finished. The role of a postmaster in society was viewed with respect, and as we stated earlier, a postmaster was always someone who held other respectable positions in the society.

The History of Mail and Postal System

Postal System

The first known usage of postal service is in Egypt in 2400 B.C. Kings of Egypt used postal service to send official orders throughout their territory. There is also proof of postal service used in ancient China, Persia, and India. The Universal Postal Union was founded in the year 1874. The Universal Postal Union incorporates 192 member nations. It is also responsible for setting up the rules and regulations for international mail exchanges.

At first, the envelopes are made of cloth and skins of animals. After the invention of papers, the postal system started using paper envelopes. China is the first country to invent and use paper envelopes.

A French man named De Valayer started a postal service at Paris, in 1653. He used to sell prepaid envelopes and deliver the letters in the mailbox if they are enveloped with his prepaid envelopes.

Postal service started using postal stamps in 1837. Uniform postal charges were started in 1840 through the efforts of Rowland Hill, a school teacher.

Postal System

The postal system works globally. Every postal service is connected with each other through the coordination of Universal Postal Union. These postal systems are now outdated when compared with modern fax and e-mail technologies. Postal systems are still the best mode of transmission for sending the personal handwritten documents to any location. Postal systems are still operating smoothly without the need for modern technologies.

Postal service in America:

Postal service was started in America during the colonial times to send and receive orders between England and American colonies. The first postal route in America was started between New York and Boston, which is now named as Route 1. After the establishment of centralized postal systems in the year 1693, The Governor of New Jersey was appointed as the deputy postmaster general. Benjamin Franklin developed the postal system by laying new roads and milestones on every route. He also started 24 hours mailing system between New York and Philadelphia.

Current status of postal system:

Almost every country uses the postal system embedded with local exchanging letters and official documents. In most post offices banking system has been started for rural areas and places with no banks. Governmental services and benefits are still delivered through postal service. In some rural areas in Africa medications and vaccinations are distributed through post offices.

Modern courier services have been started using the postal system. Courier services are both centralized and privatized. These courier services enable people to send parcels and covers to any place in the world. Though the internet has been developed to make sending emails and documents an instantaneous process, postal services are still used by many countries for their unique system.

Postal Service Cannot Avoid Layoffs

The Postal Service seeks to cuts its full time employees by 228,000 in the next two to three years.  A review of attrition rates over the past three years indicates that layoffs are unavoidable.  Even with early retirement incentives, layoffs will likely be between 120,000 and 130,000.  Without these incentives they would be even higher.
Attrition of Employees over 50
Attrition of Postal employees over 50 comes from retirement, death, and voluntary and involuntary separation from the Postal Service  Early retirement incentives were offered to different groups of employees in 2009 and 2011. So the attrition rates below include the impact of these incentives.

Assuming that the Postal Service offers similar incentives to eligible employees, it should see a reduction in full time career employee among employees who are 50 or older today by around 94,000.  The Postal Service should see total full time employee count by 100,000 if those under 50 leave Postal Service employment at historical levels.   This quick analysis confirms Postal Service statements that it would have to lay off at least 120,000 employees in the next few years as it restructures its service.

The Importance of Early Retirement Incentives

By looking at one-year attrition rates, the importance of incentives becomes clear.  Attrition rates of those over 50 rose between 2009 and 2010 reflecting the impact of the early retirement incentives for 150,000 employees that went into effect in the fall of 2009.  As could be expected attrition rates fell in 2010-2011 as early retirement incentives pushed up retirement by a year for some employees.

Attrition rates for employees over 65 appears to suggest that the incentive may have had a real impact for these workers as it induced more retirements than would otherwise occur without having much impact on retirement decisions of employees who continued to work after the incentive expired.

Attrition rates for those between 50 and 60 actually dropped after an early retirement incentive was offered which suggests that the incentive may have only had the effect of convincing employees who were likely to leave for other employment to leave a year earlier and may not have had much of an impact on the number of Postal employees in that cohort over a longer period.

Three Keys to Successful Postal Reform

Postal reform has to both serve the citizens of the United States both in urban areas and the most rural parts of the Great Plains and Appalachia.  It must also ensure that business customers that now generate 90% of mail volume will continue to see the Postal Service as an attractive delivery service in 5 and ten years.  These four individuals who have limited understanding of the details of the Postal Service’s problems identify three critical elements that have to be part of any postal reform that ensures both universal service and the Postal Service’s survival as a self-sufficient entity. They are:

  1. Profit must be an explicit goal for organization and profit must reflect a sufficient operating margin to ensure cash is generated to make capital investments needed to improve service once the current financial difficulties pass.  There is no excuse for the Postal Service to be the only large national post suffering major losses in the Euro Zone, North America, and Oceana and Australia.
  2. The Postal Service has to be granted significant relief from both Congressional and Postal Regulatory Commission oversight.   To the extent that either law or regulatory precedent freezes the status quo and prevents market-based pricing and market-based service quality that law and those regulations must be removed.  In particular both restrictions on distance based and regional pricing for commercial mailers need to be lifted in order to develop market-based and not cost-based prices.
  3. Transition of the Postal Service to an entity that operates under standard corporate business, employment, and contract law must occur within a reasonable period.  During this period, the privatization of the Postal Service as a public utility providing delivery services must be examined serious.

Australia Post Retail Strategy

Australia Post’s retail strategy provides the best example of a retail strategy that could serve both urban and rural communities in the United States.  Australia Post serves both very large cities and some of the most rural areas in the developed world.  Australia Post also illustrate what is needed in develooping that can use both corporate and contracted outlets with most retail services provided in contracted or franchised outlets.   Australia Post is of particular interest as it most proved retail services to a significant number of communities that are as remote as any community in the most rural parts of the United States.

Australia Post has four  types of contract or franchised outlets.

  • Licensed Post Offices provide two thirds of all retail outlets of Australia Post and are located in urban,  suburban and rural areas.
  • Community Post Offices are located in the most rural and remote areas.  There are 650 Community Post Offices in Australia.
  • Franchises are the newest contracted outlet.  Australia Post has not provided information on the number of franchises.
  • Post Shops (Corporate Post Offices) – corporate Post Offices are located primarily in larger communities.

The following are descriptions of the non-corporate retail outlets that Australia Post uses that is provided by Australia Post on its website

Licensed post offices (LPOs)

The products and services available from these outlets are generally the same as offered at corporately owned and operated outlets. The availability of agency services, such as bill payment facilities and banking is usually dependent on the commercial choices of the principal of the particular agency.

Key benefits of the LPO model include:


  • use of Australia Post’s well established brand
  • annually revised fee and commission structure, with discounts for the purchase of Australia Post products
  • access to management and business systems
  • on-going professional training and support
  • opt in for point-of-sale and marketing programs.

The LPO model at a glance

  • LPOs can be run as stand alone outlets or in conjunction with another business.
  • A licensee is granted a licence to use Australia Post systems, manuals, trade marks and image in the operation of a LPO at nominated premises.
  • There is no term for the licence, and the licence can be assigned at any time subject to Australia Post approval.
  • Licensees can manage the outlet on a day to day basis or appoint a manager. They are also responsible for recruiting, training and managing their staff.
  • LPOs offer a mandatory range of Australia Post products and services including postage stamps, money orders, bill payment and banking, and mail acceptance and processing. Additional products and services such as philatelic items; Postpak; cards, stationery and gifts; and Post Office Boxes may also be offered. Some LPOs are also required to undertake mail processing and delivery work.
  • Trading hours are typically between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. LPOs often open for extended trading (eg Saturday mornings) depending on local circumstances.
  • Licensees are responsible for the premises, including location, fit-out (both of which are subject to Australia Post approval), maintenance and for all operating costs. They may also be required to pay a point-of- sale technology fee.
  • Income is earned from fees and commissions for work performed, and a discount for the purchase of Australia Post products also applies.

Postal Regulatory Commission Increases its Irrelevance in Policy Debate

The Postal Regulatory Commission never seems to miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Yesterday in its Section 701 Report: Analysis of the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006, the Commission combined a full throated defense of aggressive regulation, with some tepid suggestions for policy change. The report is neither in line with the current economics of the Postal market, nor the current political environment. As such it is likely to be ignored.

The failure of the Commission’s report as an important policy document is gingerly explained by the Postal Service in its response.

Improving the Postal Service’s financial stability in both the short-term and the long-term requires more comprehensive changes than are discussed in the Commission’s draft report.

Part of the cause of its failure as an important policy document is who wrote it, the Postal Regulatory Commission. Rarely does a regulatory commission would ever write a report that does not promote its own self-interest or support less regulation over more regulation. As such, the report’s sections reviewing actions that the Commission has taken leave a self-congratulatory impression, and the sections recommending changes that affect its powers tend to recommend changes that increase the Commission’s powers rather than diminish it.

The Commission’s overall thinking about regulation and in particular its support of a strong regulator is a real problem and deserves to be ignored for three reasons

  • First, the Commission’s assumption that Postal Service customers and competitors need intense protection from unfettered competition is an assumption that has been abandoned in every other mode that delivers physical items from a sender to a recipient in the United States, and has lost significant support in countries that have pursued postal reform more aggressively.
  • Second, the Commission’s regulatory approach favors maintaining the status quo in an environment in which the status quo is clearly untenable
  • Third, the Commission’s regulatory approach continues to maintain regulatory lags and regulatory barriers that prevent the Postal Service and its customers from making business and personal decisions that would allow them to adapt to the changing postal market as rapidly as the market changes.

Now is the time for an independent assessment of postal regulation with a focus on determining:

  • the minimum amount of regulation that the postal market requires to protect individual consumers and universal service; and
  • an approach for regulating competition between the Postal Service and its private sector competitors in regards to non-postal services that favors competition over protection.

Saving Retail Postal Services

The Goin’Postal franchise in Fenton, Michigan recently announced that it has expanded its offerings to include office supplies. This announcement provides another illustration that stand-alone mailing or parcel shipping retail outlets cannot survive unless they provide a diversified selection of business and/or consumer products and services.

In the United States, the corporate outlets of FedEx and franchised outlets of United Parcel Service operate as business service centers.

After its purchase of Kinko’s, FedEx eliminated a number of its parcel shipping only retail outlets with outlets offering printing and copying services as well. The outlets, renamed FedEx Office have father diversified its services by adding more office supplies and digital printing services as demand for copying has shrunk dramatically. FedEx is also using its FedEx Office outlets as alternative pick-up locations to home or office delivery.

United Parcel Service has been repositioning its UPS Stores as community business centers, in a manner similar to what the Fenton, Michigan Goin’ Postal outlet is doing. In particular, UPS is working to expand its franchisees’ capabilities in printing and direct mail. United Parcel Service has developed a program with the Postal Service to promote the use of Every Door Direct Mail among UPS Store business customers. The UPS Store and the Graphic Communication Institute at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, have run twelve 3-day programs to train franchisors on the latest software and digital printing and finishing technologies. With over 3,500 locations in the United States, UPS stores could become a significant force in digital printing design even if they do not do the actual printing themselves.

Outside of the United States, Australia Post has developed a similar model for their franchised retail outlets and possibly their corporate offices. These outlets sell everything imaginable, with most of the items purchased from a catalog of products that Australia Post offers to its franchisees. In addition, Australia Post franchisees and corporate offices offer a range of financial services that complement services of Australia’s commercial banks.

John McCain and the Politics of Postal Reform

Yesterday, John McCain introduced a postal reform bill that his press release describes as the “companion to the legislation that Representative Darrell Issa introduced in the House of Representatives.” Based on press reports, the bill combines elements from the Issa-Ross Postal Reform Act of 2011 with proposals that Senator McCain made earlier this year in amendments to other legislation.

By calling his proposal a companion legislation to the Ross-Issa House bill, Senator McCain allowed Congressman Issa rename his bill the Issa-McCain-Ross bill in his Washington Times Op-ed.

Senator McCain’s announcement is particularly important in molding opinion on postal reform in Washington and nationwide for a couple of reasons.

  1. Senator McCain’s bill increases the likelihood that elements of the House approach will be included in the bill that passes the Senate and signed by the President. The Senate Bill will require approval by 60 members and outside of Senators Brown, Collins, Grassley, Murkowski, and Snowe who will support a measure coming from provisions in legislation that either Senator Carper or Senator Collins have discussed. It is much easier identifying 41 Republicans that would support the approach that Senator McCain has identified.
  2. Prior to Senator McCain’s announcement, the only possible spokespeople for the Issa-Ross bill were Congressman Issa and Ross. There are no other co-sponsors of the Postal Reform Act of 2011 in the House of Representatives, and it is unclear where the House leadership stands on this issue. All other Senators that have spoken on postal issues have significantly different opinions on postal reform, particularly in regard to adjusting retirement liabilities.
  3. Senator McCain is a more appealing spokesperson for the reform approach developed by Congressman Issa and Ross than either House member. Senator McCain is the former Presidential nominee of the Republican Party, a Senator with strong ties to the Republican establishment, and a Senator who is respected among “serious people” in Washington, DC. Congressman Issa has a more confrontational image on other policy issues and these confrontations have made him an object of attack from Democratic leaning bloggers. Congressman Ross is a freshman with limited experience in interviews and his votes clearly place him in the more conservative wing of the Republican House caucus.
  4. Senator McCain has extensive experience speaking on Sunday talk shows and cable news and his relationship with the press is relatively friendly that will likely give his statements on postal reform more gravitas than less experienced spokesmen.

Right now there is little information about the McCain bill besides what is included in his press release and reported by the Washington Post. No legislative language has been released as of the writing of this post.

Separating Roles of the USPS

A recent story by the BBC on mail delivery in Afghanistan highlights one of the most important roles of the Postal Service, maintaining and standardizing the nation’s system of addresses and postal codes.  Afghanistan has neither a standardized system of address nor postal codes.  In fact, in many parts of the country, there are no street names, let alone street names at all.

Postal Service as a Platform for Commerce

The story about the Afghan Postal Service, provides an illustration of the challenge of communications in the 17th and 18th century.   Door-to-door delivery cannot be performed unless it is relatively inexpensive to find the door where the delivery is to be made.   The standardization of addresses and creation of numerical codes defining discrete geographic areas in the 20th century significantly aided the economic growth of the United States in the 1960′s forward.

Logistics and Distribution

The creation of zip-codes simplified the process of optimizing the nation’s supply chains.   Developing the optimal locations of plants and warehouses and minimizing the transportation between these locations depends on the existence of a simple, numerical representation of the locations involved.  Similarly, optimizing the routing of delivery vehicles, whether for the delivery of bread to supermarkets, beer to bars and restaurants, or packages to homes and businesses rely on the system of zip codes.   Delivery is further simplified by the use of standardized address systems that make it easier to know where 123 Main Street is relative to 256 Main street. (Usually a block a way and on the opposite side of the street.

The existence of zip-codes and standard addresses made home delivery of parcels much easier.   The development of the great Catalog stores of the early 20th century (i.e. Sears, Montgomery Wards), modern catalog merchants (i.e. LL Bean, Lands End), TV shopping channels, and web-based retailers all require the inexpensive delivery services that zip-codes and standardized addresses provide.

Marketing and Merchandising

Standardized addresses and zip-codes significantly lowered the cost of targeted marketing and targeted merchandising.

Targeted marketing really starts with direct mail.  Direct mail is cost-effective because standardized addresses and numerical codes for addresses allow for lower cost delivery of hard-copy communications that make mail cost-effective for everything from charitable solicitations to pizza coupons.

Standardized addresses and zipcodes have a role in marketing beyond mail as they are critical for creating relevant advertising on the web and on mobile devices.   Knowing where a person lives significantly improves the placement of relevant advertisements on web pages and mobile devices.  Even Facebook allows marketers to target by zip-codes.

A Financially Self Sufficient Postal Service

Andrew Gelman, a professor of statistics at Columbia University and a prolific writer on statistics and its use in public policy and political campaigns illustrated that the financial problem facing the Postal Service is a legacy of the regulatory structure and financial objects of the Postal Service under the Postal Rate Commission. While not familiar with the current debate, his post in Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science, states what should be clear for anyone who has studied business.  An enterprise will find profitability difficult if not impossible if its customers have more market or political power than it has.

Basically, the post office is always broke because it’s legally required to be broke. It’s not like other utilities which are regulated in a gentle way to allow them to make profits. Looking at this from a political direction, things must somehow be set up so that the Postal Service’s customers have more clout than the Postal Service itself. I don’t really have a sense of why this would happen for mail more than for gas, electricity, water, etc.

Rates charged by the Postal Service need to reflect rates that a profitable well managed firm would charge.   The Postal Service cannot afford to offer lower rates to customers that have political clout.   This will likely result in higher rates for single piece First Class, Periodicals, and non-Profit Standard mail.

Why the Postal Service Exists

The Postal Service faces significant problems that threaten its survival. The financial problems are well known but solvable. However, solving the financial problems in a way that ensures a vibrant postal market as long as the prevailing story line is that “we have a delivery service whose raison d’être is rapidly vanishing before our eyes.” as illustrated by a recent New York Times article. Until that view is reversed, neither Congress nor any President will look at any proposal ensuring the survival of the Postal Service beyond the impact on the budget or local jobs and services.

The Postal Service is a Business Service

For at least the past two decades mail has been a service for commercial and government entities. While expansion of Internet and broadband access to household is often thought as the driver as the decline in consumer use of mail, business/government/non-profit share of mail volume has remained close to 90% of mail volume.

  • 1987 – 88.8%
  • 2006 -90.6%
  • 2007 – 90.6%
  • 2008 – 90.2%
  • 2009 – 89.8%

If one adds mail sent by individuals to business, government, or non-profit, the share of mail that involves a business, government, or non-profit is

  • 1987 – 95.2%
  • 2006 – 97.0%
  • 2007 – 97.3%
  • 2008 – 97.1%
  • 2009 – 96.9%

The slight decline in the commercial share of mail reflects the impact of the recession on economically sensitive commercial mailers.

To the extent that consumers have abandoned mail because they don’t sent personal cards and letters that abandonment happened well over 20 years ago. One might argue that the decline in consumer use of mail had more to do with the universal access to land-line local and long-distance telephone service and the deregulation of long-distance telephone rates as the abandonment happened well before e-mail or other web-based services were accessible to every office worker and most homes.