USPS Network Optimization Will Upgrade Priority Mail Service

In a web-based presentation presented to a winter PostCom meeting, Postmaster General Pat Donahoe stated that the Postal Service is looking at expanding the geographic area that Priority Mail will provide overnight service.  Improvements in the geographic reach of overnight delivery service provided by Priority Mail would provide a clear indication that the Postal Service understands the service needs of its rapidly growing on-line retail customers for a delivery service for light-weight parcels that is service competitive with the services that United Parcel Service and FedEx offer for heavier parcels.

While little is known about what the Postal Service is planning, the goals of expanding the Priority Mail Network clearly is focused on having a network that looks like UPS’s or FedEx’s network.  The following chart shows UPS’s service commitment from suburban Washington DC.  It shows that UPS offers overnight ground delivery as far North as New York City and as far south as the Research Triangle in North Carolina.  Overnight delivery also includes all of the Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and the District of Columbia and most of Virginia and all of eastern half of Pennsylvania.

Shippers in the Maryland suburbs should hope that the Postal Service can adjust its Priority Mail network so that it’s overnight network would be equal to or better than what UPS says that it offers.  Such a change, combined with expansion of the gopost network could make the Postal Service the best option for the small parcel shipping needs of on-line retailers


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