What Happened to USPS Early Out Notices?

Boy did I blow it.  I thought the Postal Service was actually going to implement its network optimization on the schedule they told mailers, unions, and management associations.   That schedule would have required beginning the process last week in order for the Postal Service to implement the service standard change in late may and start reassigning employees in late June. 

Now, it looks like the Postal Service has blinked.  What is unclear is for how long.  

The Postal Service continues to state that the Network Optimization Initiative is the core of its business plan.   Pat Donahoe testimony today before the Subcommittee on Federal Workforce, Postal Service, and Labor Policy of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform will cover the network optimization plan as part of a broad defense of the Postal Service’s proposed business plan and the legislative initiatives required to implement them. 

The written testimony provides no hint for the timing of implementing the network optimization plan., or for that matter any other part of the plan that does not require Congressional approval.  Both mailers and employees need a member of the subcommittee to ask the Postmaster General to provide specific dates on when the Postal Service will implement the network optimization initiative.  Mailer’s need this information so that they can plan their operations and ensure that their mailing software has the correct sort plans and drop-ship locations to minimize mailing costs.   Employees need this information so that they will have a sense as to when the Postal Service will make personnel moves necessary to cut the workforce to the size needed by the slower service standards and smaller network.


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  1. Bill Johnson says:

    Unfortunately,everything you have posted has been speculation and not based on fact.It would be nice if you would just stop posting until there is some official notice because some of the things you stated may happen made absolutely no sense at all.For instance, employees covered under FERS would not recieve an incentive while employees covered under CSRS would because the Postal Service would like to get rid of the oldtimers.Under VERA, the requirements are 50 years of age and 20 years of service or any age and 25 years of service.By time an employee has 20 years in service, he/she is at the top pay level,therefore whether you are covered under FERS or CSRS you make the same pay!DUH!

  2. Joe Veras says:

    The UPS has to make a move, even in small offices we were asked if we would take VERA, why ask ?, and that the VERA folders are printed but on hold for word from USPS in DC, you cannot close any more places and not offer VERA soon, from the national APWU agents ,”there is no places for workers to go “, seems like a dead end, what will break, the PMG has to make a decision, Congress is not going anywhere with bills for reform, agencies can offer up tp 25k, the USPS has already told OPM they are going to, so now what ?.

  3. BeanTownGal says:

    Yes, you DID “blow it”! Perhaps when blogging on Postal issues in the future, you might want to burn some shoe leather and find some real sources and information instead of using Employee Forums on Early Retirements as your source. And never forget when dealing with Postal management: they do the exact opposite of what would make sense to a rational person.

  4. pennsylvania bob says:

    i don’t think you blew it… just making logical inferences based on information at hand.
    i still do not understand if and when mr. donahue will offer early outs and incentives to retire.
    if they’re going to close all the offices and plants….
    wouldn’t it seem logical that the postal service would have too many employees?
    the only way to purge the rolls right now is incentives,etc. it’s logical.

  5. magnolia says:

    You are right…. the USPS has a habit of doing the thing that makes the LEAST sense!

  6. Vera says:

    Joe- You wouldn’t by any chance be Alan’s inside source, would you?

  7. bobstock says:

    I don’t think they are going to be “optimizing” the network anytime soon. This is an election year, which means they don’t want to piss off any politicians by potentially delaying absentee ballots or those God awful card stock flyers that we have to deliver everyday until the election is over. IF they ever “optimize” it will be after the 2012 elections.

  8. mh says:

    One thing is certain…the PMG looks about 15 years older than he did 2 years ago!!! And once congress got involved, any chance of anything happening in a way that makes sense went out the window…we are now just another bargaining/lobbying chip…

  9. Civil servant says:

    PMG went to the hill and made the statement. No detail but consistant with what he has been saying. Closing Plant – Vera + Incentive. 5 days Delivery – Cut carriers , VERA + incentive. He previously said that he basically agreed with Issa’ bill which calls for reduction of head count ASAP. So some form of announcement will and MUST come soon. All money losing business MUST cut cost to prevent bankrupcy, no exception for the USPS. Unless the politicans agree to subsidization, back to the POD days. but that is highly unlikely.

  10. I think you did a great job getting information out. USPS knows that if too many employess leave they, then Postal Service will soon close its Erie district office this summer, eliminating as many as jobs.

  11. luckytwin says:

    My office in Salem, Oregon is scheduled to close on June 30th. We are being “detailed” to the plant in Portland. The Mt. Hood DDC near the Portland airport has posted day jobs in automation. This is to presumably handle some of the Salem or Pendelton mail, since we are both closing in June. It will be processed on the day shift, meaning that it will be delayed. USPS is already planning on ignoring our next-day delivery standards! I am so discouraged with the USPS, especially the PSEs and the preferential treatment they get in our office. They have hired more PSEs even after the announcement of our closure! I am at MRA and have over 25 years (FERS) so am just waiting for an offer. But in the meantime, every day at work is a day in hell. Grateful for the job, insurance, retirement benefits….but just want OUT ASAP! I wish Donahoe and Congress would work it out. Donahoe is evil…should be FIRED for mismanagement and I would guess he is in bed with private industry that wants to take over our cash cow. I work on the SPBS….I see how much postage is on every package. Letter volume may be down but parcel volume is through the roof. I call BS on the fact that we are losing money! Too bad the public is too busy scraping by to put up a fuss. In the end we will lose business, and postage costs will skyrocket when we are privatized.

  12. TeaSpot says:

    AR is merely speculating and just writing about what is opinions are. Nothing more.

  13. pennsylvania bob says:

    i can’t see how the post office won’t offer an incentive to retire…
    many plants and facilities will be closing in may and june…
    where are those excess workers going??
    if mr. donahue gives a decent incentive…like $25,000 and 3 years added,

    80,000 workers will retire.

  14. john miller says:

    What happened, Alan? Did you give up? we’re just looking for a little hope. Just give us your best educated guess.

    • Alan Robinson says:

      Sorry, I had an unexpected hospital stay after a tooth extraction and the antibiotics that I have been on have made me a bit loopy for the past two weeks. Sometimes I wondered if I needed to look at my driver’s license to remember who I was. (just kidding)

      • Julio says:

        Alan- I thought the Senate was supposed to take up postal legislation when they returned from their Easter recess. Any word on when they might actually do something regarding the USPS?

  15. Sucka says:

    Here’s the skinny, straight from the source(Branch President). No early outs for Carriers in 2012 unless 5 days approved. APWU will get an early out with a no later than separation date of Oct 31, 2012/FERS and Nov. 3, 2012/CSRS.

  16. FEDUP says:

    I feel the same lucky twin, I am in a small AO in northern ca and very fortunate to not be in the turmoil and uprooting unfairly happening to our clerks in the plants. But hate each day I have to go to work in this new “flexible” post office. It is a destructive path they are on, PSE will never have the dedication, much less the training that we have had. The mismanagement is a joke and an embarrassment to of us that have experienced the real post office in the past. the only thing that matters is what is on a report to MPO, everything else is ignored, especially the customer. MRA in 4 years, but am praying for an offer with or without incentive, I am out of here.

  17. NC says:

    Hello Alan, what do you suspect April the 16th will bring?

  18. K. McCarthy says:

    When referring to USPS clerks that will be affected by the upcoming changes or retirement offers, please stopping using the term “APWU members”. Every clerk is represented by the APWU, but only those of us that have paid our union dues are members.

  19. NC says:

    Hey Alan, there has got to be some news as to buyouts by now, it being May 8 th and all. I don’t care if you are not 100% sure of the information I just want to know something as I am so sick of waiting and hearing the same ‘ol blah blah blah at all the Postal websites.

    • Alan Robinson says:

      Unfortionately there is no information. Buyouts are tied to two things as far as I can see 1) USPS downsizing the network; and 2) Getting the FERS money returned. Right now neither seems likely to come anytime soon.

  20. NC says:

    OK but when I checked this morning the was a change in the Workforce Connection link under FAQS. There is a link called ” Special Incentive”. When I clicked it it came back to the same page with no information given. This seems to me that something is going to happen soon as far as buyouts because of them preparing for it. This just happened today as I check daily for any information.

  21. NC says:

    It was for Postmasters. Just posted at LiteBlue

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