How Big is Print? Big Enough to Show Why Saving the USPS is Important to the Economy

Keen has put together an infographics and website to illustrate how big print is to the United States economy.   Given all the doom and gloom about mail, these statistics are staggering and illustrates that the postal market is just part of an enormous $640 billion industry that drives $3.8 billion in related services.

Where this infographics may fall short is in its etimate of the impact of mail on the economy.   The Envelope Manufacturer’s Association Foundation Study of the economic impact of the mail market etimated that the firms in the industry generated over $1 billion in sales and employeed over 8.6 million people.  Even this figure underestimates the impact as it does not include the impact of purchases made by individuals employeed in producing, sorting, delivering and receiving mail and parcels.

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