Senator Carper Ups the Ante on USPS Reform

Senator Tom Carper (D-De) has upped the ante in the battle between the Senate and the House on postal reform legislation when he launched a new page on his website that includes a clock that counts down to the date that the Postal Service’s current moratorium on facility closures ends. The web page, also calls on the U.S. House of Representatives to pass legislation aimed at reforming the U.S. Postal Service before a critical deadline of May 15, 2012, the date that the Postal Service has stated that is facility closing moratorium ends.

In a statement announcing the new web-page Senator Carper stated:

My friends in the House must move forward with consideration of postal reform legislation right away, or else we’ll begin to see the dire consequences of postal facilities shutting down across the country,” said Sen. Carper. “Failing to act would hasten the Postal Service’s financial decline, which would threaten a mailing industry that employs over 8 million people and generates almost $1 trillion in economic activity each year. We can’t let that happen. If Congress works together to finalize comprehensive postal reform legislation, we can ensure that this invaluable American institution, enshrined in the Constitution, will survive and thrive in a new century. But the clock is ticking.

In addition to the clock the web-page also includes an interactive map that identifies facilities that could be closed when the moratorium ends.

In addition to the new web page, Senator Carper has used Twitter to push for speedy action on Postal Reform in the House of Representatives.






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  1. tea partier T. Sweeny says:

    I do hope the USPS decides to close the necessary Post Offices thru out the US! Please Mr. Postmaster General please don’t cave in like a cheap suit again on May 15 th…….all of us tea partiers are waiting!!!

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