The Oldest Working Post Office in the World

The Oldest working Post Office is situated in Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire, UK. It has been working consistently since 1712. The second most established working mail station is situated in Stockholm, Sweden (1720) and the third in Santiago, Chile (1772)

Sanquhar Post Office

Sanquhar Post Office:

Sanquhar post office started as an arranging post for mail carriages started about 300 years ago and has been in ceaseless administration since then. Eight years older than its closest opponent in Stockholm, Sweden, it is formally honored by both the Universal Postal Union and Guinness World Records. The branch is a well-known fascination for postal and stamp lovers, who visit to have their letters set apart with a hand-stamp bearing the legend: “The World’s Oldest Post Office.” Mr. Alam is the sixteenth person to run the branch and assumed control from postmistress Penny Murphy.

Sanquhar post office opened its entryway in 1712 in Dumfries along the High Street. It is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest mail station on the planet. At the point when the mail station was opened, the postmen, who were called “runners,” kept running between officers to convey letters and packages. In 1738, the mail station started stamping sends and later acquainted steeds which were utilized with conveying letters and bundles. The mail station had no counters when it started its operations.

Operations of Sanquhar Post Office:

The letters were delivered through the window, where the clients are expected to tap the window and submit their letters along with the postal charges. The position of a postmaster was esteemed and was constantly held by men in other legitimate positions in the group, for example, executives, schoolmasters, and town agents. The mail station was modernized in 1974 with the substitution of the hand stamping by the hand-worked crossing out machine called bacon slicer. The historical backdrop of the Sanquhar post office has been formed by the group of Matthew Hogarth who maintained the business for a long time is as yet a committed client.

William Dalgleish, 75, vice executive of the Sanquhar Heritage Society, said that the post office worked distinctively in its initial days. There was no counter as we probably are aware them today. The mail was delivered through the window of the post office – you tapped on the window, delivered your mail and paid whatever charge was expected, and that is how it was finished. The role of a postmaster in society was viewed with respect, and as we stated earlier, a postmaster was always someone who held other respectable positions in the society.

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