A Republican with a Strong Interest in the USPS Endorses a Democrat with Similar Concerns

Representative Don Young (R-AK) has just filmed a campaign ad for Democratic Representative  Mazie Hirono who is running in a Democratic primary for the Senate in Hawaii. These two Representatives share an interest in how the Postal Serves serves rural areas as well as other issues that are unique to representing a state outside of the continental United States.   So it is not surprising that thees two would find that have had reasons to work together in Congress.

Endorsement of a candidate of one party by a sitting member of Congress of the other party is rare.  Even less common is seeing this filmed as part of a campaign ad.    Regarless of your politics, this ad is worth watching as the writing and overall design of the ad is solid.    It wil

The advertisement is a cleverly written ad reminiscent of both the Mac vs Apple campaign and the Pepsi ads that have a Coke delivery driver drinking a Pepsi.


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