Lieberman and Issa Talking Compromise on Postal Reform

Alan Ota, a senior writer for CQ Roll Call has reported on twitter that Senator Joseph Lieberman has offered a compromise on Postal reform to get the legislative process moving again.  As Alan Ota’s tweet indicates, Lieberman is willing to give up preservation of 6-day delivery for letters and flats in negotiating a postal reform bill with Congressman Darell Issa.

Eliminating 6-day mail delivery has never been popular in Congress and has generated significant opposition from both Republicans and Democrats.  For  Senator Lieberman’s offer to be accepted by Congress, the most recent financial report from the Postal Service would have to change the opinions of a sufficient number of Senators and Representatives to allow a cut in delivery days to pass both houses.

Senator Lieberman’s Offer Meets Congressman Issa Halfway

Senator Lieberman’s offer meets one of Congressman Issa’s three requirements for an interim postal reform bill that he identified in a letter sent to President Obama in September.

Rural Info Postal News reported that the three requirements listed in the letter were:

1.  Re-amortization of the remaining payment schedule for health care benefits.

2.  Removing restriction that prevents USPS from going to 5 day delivery

3.  A ban that prevents Federal agencies , including USPS from entering into No-layoff agreements

As the Senate bill already has a re-amortization provision in its bill, Congressman Issa’s requirements only has two differences from provisions included in the S.1789.   Senator Lieberman has offered to meet Congressman Issa’s second requirement to eliminate 6-day delivery meets the second requirement.   Now the question is whether Congressman Issa is willing to meet Senator Lieberman in the middle by giving up his third requirement that restricts the Postal Service’s ability to negotiate labor agreements.  If he does then it would seem that a postal reform bill could pass before the end of the 112th Congress.

 Alan Ota’s Tweet


Lieberman offers 5 days delivery of letters + 6 days 4 packages. Launches talks w Issa 2 settle #Postal overhaul fight. #GOP #Senate


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  1. mandinka says:

    The over funding is a myth foster on the public by the unions

    • Rich says:

      According to the June 18, 2012 report on Pension and Retiree Health Care Funding Levels by the Office of Inspector General:

      The Postal Service has funded its pension benefit obligations at nearly 105 percent and is currently overfunded by $13.1 billion. Furthermore, the Postal Service is required to fully fund its FUTURE retiree health care benefit obligations. Currently, the Postal Service has funded nearly 50 percent of that obligation.

      The Inspector General, David C. Williams, said “that the fund is in better shape than comparable funds in any other government agency or private-sector business.”

      “Prefunding future retiree healthcare is rare in the public and private sectors,” wrote the Inspector General. “We have been unable to locate any organization, either public or private, that has anything similar to the Postal Service’s required level of prefunding of future retiree health benefits. The Postal Service is currently funded at 50 percent of its estimated current liability. The federal government DOES NOT prefund its future retiree health benefits at all, and the military is funded at a 35 percent level. Only 38 percent of Fortune 1000 companies who offer retiree health care benefits prefund the expense at all, and the median funding level for those organizations is 37 percent.”.

    • D-Mill says:

      Either you are a bitter person working a non-union, dead end job or a sponge living off your daddy’s money. Do yourself and the world a favor and take a few minutes to learn what you’re talking about before you open your mouth.

  2. Dav says:

    Talk is cheap boys, get off the dime and DO it ! Times awastin’ ! !

    • Hairy Sack says:

      Shut up your a Supervisor who wants Saturday’s off. Think of all the other’s who will be effected you Idiot!

  3. Apwu Steward says:

    Lieberman working with Issa to break the unions before he retires – Why am I not surprised..

    As far as mandinka’s uneducated comments – its crap like that why we end up where we are today.
    lame – uneducated posters who have no sense of why this actually is happening.

  4. A 2006 congressional mandate to prefund retiree healthcare benefits through 2081 over a 10 year period to the tune of $75 billion is a myth? You are a troll and an idiot.

  5. Mr. Knowitall says:

    Why should we allow two Republicans (yes, Lieberman is a Republican in independent clothing) rewrite labor agreements and lay the groundwork for the demise of our most successful government enterprise? Didn’t we just vote to reject Republican nonsense like this? Reamortization of a irrational debt is what we get for losing the no-layoff clause, 25,000 jobs, and the key to a revitalized future? Is this a joke?

  6. Karen Stingle says:

    This is all a manufactured “crisis” because ALEC pushed through a bill in a previous lame duck session to make the PO set aside 75 years of reserves for retirement, much of it for people not even born yet! That is why the PO is supposedly “losing” money. ALEC wants to make the PO fail so that they can force it to be privatized, run by people who want to skim off profits to make the rich richer. USPS is actually operating in the black, but is falling behind in these ridiculous payments that they shouldn’t have to be making. Check out for more history and info.

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