In Past Decade, Congress Has Made Naming Post Offices a Top Priority


In the decade that the long-term financial problems of the Postal Service have been discussed openly, Post Office naming bills have become a focus of Congress.   In each of the past five Congresses over 15% of all bills passed and signed into law named a Post Office. The increase in interest in naming Post Offices began in the Congress that served when 9/11 occurred.   As such, it is likely that most of those honored by having a Post Office named after them died in the terrorist attacks in the United States, or served their country in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that followed.  If Congress expected that [...] Read more »

Senator Carper and Representative Issa Issue Joint Statement Pledging The’ll Work Together on Postal Reform


On the first day of the 113th Congress Senator Tom Carper and Representative Darrel Issa issed a joint statement indicating their willingness to work together on postal reform. “The Postal Service has a presence in every community in our nation.  Since its establishment, we’ve taken it for granted that our mail would arrive and that important business and personal correspondence would reach its destination. In addition, businesses large and small have come to rely on the mail to reach new customers and communicate effectively with existing customers. Although the 112th Congress did not come to a consensus around a package of reforms that can update the Postal Service’s network and [...] Read more »

The House Fiscal Cliff Vote and Postal Reform


Last night the House of Representatives voted 257-167 voted to approve legislation that prevented the United States from going over the fiscal cliff.   While the substance of the legislation approved had nothing to do with the Postal Service, the vote itself illustrated why postal reform died in the 112th Congress. The 257 yea votes included 172 Democrats and 85 Republicans.    The list of Republicans that voted for the deal to avoid the fiscal cliff includes many Republicans that have either expressed opposition to H.R. 2309, the approach promoted by Congressmen Darrell Issa and Dennis Ross or expressed support for the approaches similar to what passed in the Senate.  So [...] Read more »