Senator Carper Working to Put Postal Reform on President Obama’s Desk As Early As The July 4th Recess

carper-uspsAt Postal Vision 2020, Senator Tom Carper indicated that he hopes to have a Postal reform bill on the President’s desk by the July 4th recess and if not then by the August recess.   He expects to work toward passage of a postal reform bill within this time frame in the Senate through regular orders.  This means he will hold a hearing and accept comments on a public draft of a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee drafted bill within the next month.    Then after a short period of reviewing this testimony and comments submitted, the Committee will hold a business meeting to mark-up the bill.   Given the Senator’s time frame, it would appear that mark-up could occur as early as late May or early June.

Senator Carper believes that Congress will be able to work on this aggressive schedule because:

  • Senate Bill 1789 provides a framework for discussions going forward in framing a Senate bill.
  • The negotiations completed between the House and Senate at the end of the last Congress reduced disagreements between the two sides.  The negotiations were conducted even though the House was not able to pass a bipartisan bill as the Senate did.
  • Discussions that he has had with Congressman Darrell Issa, Congressman Elijah Cummings, and Senator Tom Coburn have made progress on developing core principles for the postal reform effort.
  • He expects that the House of Representatives will be able to work on a schedule as aggressive as he described for the Senate

Legislative Provisions Senator Carper Expects to be Part of the Senate Postal Reform Bill

As for specific provisions that may are be discussed that may be included in the bill that the Senate will propose, Senator Carper mentioned:

  • Provisions that were included in S. 1789 such as:
    • A process that will give communities that face the potential loss of a Post Office, options for continuing to provide postal retail services;
    • A provision that continue to allow the Postal Service to its network downsizing along the line that it is currently implementing;
    • Restructuring of the retiree health benefit payment obligation over a period possibly as long as 40 years;
    • Refund of the Postal Service’s overpayment of the FERS fund with that overpayment going toward paying out early retirement incentives and paying down the Postal Service debt;
    • Creation of a limited expansion of options available to the Postal Service to generate new revenue including options for delivering beer and wine, day of the week pricing, and offering stamps depicting current events and living individuals; and
    •  Requiring the Postal Service to seek all other means to improve its finances over the next two years and only at that time grant the Postal Service the legal permission to cut delivery days from 6 to 5.

Senator Carper indicated that a final bill may need to make a compromise that speeds the Postal Service’s ability to reduce the number of delivery days.   He also indicated that Congressman Issa’s idea to shift mail delivery from door delivery to cluster boxes may be included in some manner in the final bill.



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  1. sorry, but i don’t believe a word the moron carper says. when it comes to postal legislation carper is batting 1,000, being wrong every time! carper tells people what he thinks they want to hear, whether
    what he says has any truth to it or not.

  2. Barb Slater says:

    After watching the latest hearings on postal reform. Here is what I agree with..the greatest workers in this country are USPS workers. I can say that because I retired from USPS recently and sure we have our share of good and bad. And I agree with the rep that said we are pawns. But I noticed a few things that were not brought up….they have cut the clerk job to down to nothing. People complain about long lines…that’s cause there are not enough people to cover others due to sick time and vacation time. Also to the Rep that keeps mentioning right sizing….how about 2 Senators and 2 Reps for each state. Now that’s what I call right sizing and for the right reasons. If the USPS wants to go down to 5 days a week let them have one state to test this theory on and see how much money they save. And give the test a full year. You can only cut back so many workers to the point you won’t have any and I hope that never happens in my lifetime.

  3. Tish Gutjahr says:

    As a postal worker for almost 30 years, you need to let the postal service govern and restructure itself, INCLUDING going to a 5 day work week. It makes sense all around. The unions only have their bank accounts as a consideration..not it’s membership. Mail carriers as a whole WANT to go to a 5 day/drop Saturday delivery. We need an early retirement incentive, as alot of us old timers are READY to go! It makes sense. 5 day puts the regular carrier on the route every day, which results in less mistakes, less overtime, and better customer service. Employee morale will be much better also, as we’ll get more family time, like most families. And lastly…the mail I deliver on Saturdays is almost always STILL in the mailbox come Monday.

    • ds mail says:

      tish i would guess you are a city carrier with one thing in mind just getting every saturday off , i am a carrier to i see the big picture its not time to go to five day in 2 to four years after some changes in other things are made and giving things time to work maybe then, and another thing you for get your craft is not the only one there are rural carriers to and 98 percent of them want six day to stand and as far as people leaving mail in boxes it happens to people all during the week for all kinds of reasons but most clean there mail boxes regularly

    • Steven says:

      Letter Carriers “as a whole” want Saturday deliver stopped? Wake up. You don’t and can’t speak for all letter cariers. I’m a letter carrier and I think 5-day deliver is a huge mistake. The people I deliver to pick their mail up and use the weekend to pay their bills from the paycheck they received on Friday. Please just speak for yourself and not pretend to know the mindset of all letter carriers.

    • Evil Tom says:

      Drop Saturday your a moron Monday’s are heavy enough then if you have a Monday holiday Tuesday will be hell. It will take 5 days to catch up. Plus all the OT paid to get the mail out from Saturday. Think about it. So called money saved from dropping Saturday will be spent on OT to get the mail out. Stay at 6 morons!!!!!!!!!

  4. kyjo says:

    Those carriers who want Saturday off know they won’t be affected. I wonder how those carriers would feel if they did 5 day and went to cluster boxes only. I bet those same carriers would change their views. Also, how is adding Saturdays mail to Mondays going to result in less overtime?

    • SHELONAT says:

      GET REAL…da ways of so-called all-FOOT or dino-pk and loop rtes are all coming to a halt as with saturday delivery..even parcels saturday.. only da ptf/low-end fools will be a coming inn to deliver pro-rated few’ parcels paid-for to include sat-del..a prem as UPS/FEDEX charges $$$ for as we too will match from da start…and FEW customers will buy-into!!! but certainly foot rtes MUST and will go within two yrs dat old–f’c will be forced off-his/her porch to da st to fetch dat terrible advo!!!

  5. Mark Smith says:

    You can not by a carrier or clerk because no carrier or clerk in their right mind is for 5 day delivery. That would be the biggest mistake the USPS could ever make. The loss of business would far out way any savings. Therefore 4 or 3 day delivery would be next or out right bankruptcy. If not for the pre-funding to the retirement medical the USPS has made money 3 out of the last 4 years. Selling tracking numbers on all mail, a flat rate forever stamp of $.60 for letters up to 4 ounces. Have mailers put “or current resident” on all BRM would eliminate hours of clerks going through UBBM mail. Let the USPS compete for parcel business is the biggest money maker. The parcel business is what the USPS needs to build on and improve on.

    • Michael says:

      You could not be more wrong. That is the union line that 4 days is next and then 3 days etc. With all due respect that is BS . The rest of the world is 5 days and Canada has been Monday to Friday for 4 decades and oh by the way when Canada went to 5 days and the other nations I am sure, they did not go to less mail days. It is such garbage. Heck look at the big deal they are making and how much time to even go to Monday to Friday. This has been a big joke. So what is so terrible about saving fuel and saving money? Just do it already and get with the rest of the world.

  6. Mike says:

    I read these post about how going to 5 days is going to destroy the post office. I agree that certain customers don’t like getting any type of services cut and on a short term basis the Post Office will be looked at negatively, however I strongly believe if the customers had the same carrier delivering there mail (5 days) Service would improve alot. I also believe if you give carriers saturdays off and enjoy time with there families etc.. the negative environment we expierence now could change. Throughout the year my customers complain about the service when I’m not there and tell me when the go back to their summer homes they experience the same service issues. Everytime at social events when I mention I work for the Post Office the same customer complaints occur. It’s gotten so bad I avoid telling people my occupation. I am not here to blame the subs, rather I blame the way the system is set up for them to do there jobs. The operations, which haven’t changed since I have been there are completely outdated. Within the everyday operations the postal service could save alot of money. Too many employees touch a .46 piece of mail. The cost of everyone that touches that piece of mail exceeds the cost of .46 or the .25 flat or the $10 on average package

  7. Don says:

    Employees need to quit whining about having to work weekends. You are NOT the only ones. Police officers, firefighters, hospital workers just to name a few have it much worse. You don’t like it? QUIT!

    • Steven says:

      Fire fighters are the most over paid workers there are. So many of them are at “work”, reading novels, watching TV and sleeping for a 24 hour period then get 2 days off. Its routine to see 2 and even 3 trucks show up at a house where someone has nothing more serious than a sprained ankle.

  8. Congress created this mess, they need to fix it!

  9. Robert - 36 year Postal worker says:

    Wow, Don. That’s really short sighted. People are not complaining about working 6 days a week. They are acknowledging the fact that they, just like over 70% of the American public, no longer find any value in 6 day a week delivery. Please, everyone, don’t just spout the Union drivel about how 5 day delivery will drive business away and destroy the Postal Service. It won’t. We have so much excess mail processing capacity that our machines sit idle more than they operate. We need to close plants, consolidate mail processing centers and reduce delivery to 5 days a week. These are sound business models. Both UPS and FedEx operate on 5 day a week schedules. Are they failing ? We need to become a leaner, more responsive company. Our “bread and butter” product of 1st class mail is drying up. We are moving toward delivering parcels, Express Mail and advertising mail. And, we are better at delivering parcels and overnight mail than ANY of our competators. We are less expensive and have a better on time percentage. Instead of arguing about how many jobs will be lost, lets decide WHERE we need to lose jobs then go about it in a responsible way. It’s a fact of our business that we have too many employees and too much unused capacity. Job loss on some level is inevitable under those two conditions.

  10. SHELONAT says:

    GET REAL…da ways of so-called all-FOOT or dino-pk and loop rtes are all coming to a halt as with saturday delivery..even parcels saturday.. only da ptf/low-end fools will be a coming inn to deliver pro-rated few’ parcels paid-for to include sat-del..a prem as UPS/FEDEX charges $$$ for as we too will match from da start…and FEW customers will buy-into!!! but certainly foot rtes MUST and will go within two yrs dat old–f’c will be forced off-his/her porch to da st to fetch dat terrible advo!!!

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