Alan Robinson has thirty years experience helping firms and government officials deal with the regulatory, policy, marketing, and management issues associated with changes in competition within transportation, parcel delivery and postal markets. During that period he provided consultancy services to trade associations, transportation companies, postal administrations, parcel carriers, shippers, and suppliers to transportation companies and postal administrations.

During this period, he has presented numerous papers on the transformation challenges facing the postal market covering broad range of topics including, the economic impact of the Postal market in the United States, potential business models for the Postal Service,competition in the United States Parcel market, the growth of e-bill presentment and payments, access to retail facilities of the U.S. Postal Service and competitors, and labor law issues affecting the courier, express and parcel industry.

In addition to writing the Courier Express and Postal Observer, he serves as Executive Director of the Center for the Study of the Postal Market, is editor of the Postal Journal, and President of Direct Communications Group. In the few hours of the day he isn’t thinking about the postal market, he endures listening to the Baltimore Orioles baseball gaames and dreams that a day will come that he is rooting for a team with a winning record.