An Insight into the Future of Contour LED Lights

A light is a very simple natural phenomena which is an agent that kindles the ability to see things and make them visible. But, that is just the natural alight that is known to you. The artificial lights such as laser, LED, halogen, incandescent and so on are used for multiple purposes apart from just fulfilling the purpose of providing visibility. The other uses of artificial lights are curing diseases, helps in controlling the daily system of the human body, supervises the chemical changes in the body, and other biological purposes. One such source of medical healing is the contour LED. This light is used to treat fat and obesity related problems with non-surgical methods. This method is used by surgeons and is considered to be much safer than going under the knife which is not always beneficial for the patient. The usage of lights for treating health related issues and curing patients has also been supported by many research studies, and their effectiveness has been found to be better than surgical methods. The lights have to be laser or light emitting diode lights that specifically serve the purpose of medical treatment.

What Are LED And Lipo Laser Lights And How Are They Used To Treat Medical Issues?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) and Lipo lights are laser based lights that are used to in machines for fat removal technology. The technology uses liposuction methodology to remove fat and cure people of obesity. The results produced by contour LED and lipo lights are positive and similar to the surgical method of fat removal or the traditional hostile process of liposuction. The light that is used has to be of high frequency and of lower wavelengths.

The liposuction technology using contour LED focuses short wavelengths on the affected area of the human body, which is full of fats or dead cells. The technology is also used for cancer treatment in patients. The lipo light works by focusing the energy of light on the fat accumulated inside the body and liquefies it. The fat in the form of adipose gets absorbed by the body and later gets removed naturally. This is a very important step as there is a category of fats that are even resistant to exercise and dieting. Thus, it becomes imperative for patients to go for this fat removal method. The human body is able to adjust itself to laser wavelengths before the real process of surgery begins. Contour LED as the name itself suggests carves the body into the right shape by heating the body and removing excess fat from it.

An Overview into the Machines Used To Treat Obesity with the Help of Contour Lights and Liposuction

The machine works on the concept of heating with the help of laser generating diodes which are used to heat the fat inside the body with the help of a heating element installed inside the machine. The diodes give rise to emissions that facilitate the generation of wavelengths that is the main source of optimal energy for the machine. The number of diodes present in the machine is what enhances the performance, and determines the area that can be covered by laser. The intensity of brightness also depends upon this factor.

The lipo laser and contour led light using machines have many pads installed which are called paddles. The number of paddles in a machine can range from four to twenty four in number depending upon the model and size of machine. The number of diodes in each paddle is different. The first model is known to have four to six pads, and produced wavelengths of 660 to 670 nm. The present generation being the third generation has wavelengths ranging from 630 to 645 nanometres.

A Look at the Few Brands That Are Reliable In Liposuction Industry

There are a few models that are recommended by doctors and surgeons in the medical industry. They are:

  • NLAL (laser): the machine is portable and was designed by an experienced medical practitioner. The cost is on the lower end and is considerably lower than other brands. This model is better than other brands as it produces effective laser technology which is not present in many other brands. The best benefit of this model is that it can be used by patients even while exercising. The NLAL laser is more powerful and effective than other machines as it is more stable and powerful than many other machines present in the industry for the same purpose. The level of heating is so good that it heats and dissolves almost six hundred calories every session.
  • Contour Light: the contour light is one of the most powerful liposuction machine that works by emitting diodes and uses almost 1950 diodes at a single time. This allows the sessions to be of shorter duration and of high effectiveness. The model in place of paddle or pads uses straps. The machine is extremely powerful and the sessions conducted using this machine is speedy and produces positive results. The machine is safe for at home use as well and has been recommended by clinical researches.
  • Zerona: is one of the oldest brands that is still serving its customers very effectively, and has the approval of Federal Drug Association or commonly called as FDA. The model is old school based but is still known to be effective in treating patients and giving positive results. The price of the model is a bit on the higher side due to its old school design.

Although, there are several machines and models available in the market but, one should purchase a model only after proper research and consultation from their doctor. The machine should be operated by a trained professional and under proper preventive methods. The model and their specifications can be researched online and there are online consultants who hold expertise in advising the patients and even surgical institutes who might be interesting in ordering the machine for treatment purposes.

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