Online Movies Vs Cinema

Having transformed how TV is watched, online websites like have begun to put other parts of the entertainment industry to test. While online streaming is drawing consumers with their affordability, various options and convenience, is it possible that the platforms will threaten cinema theatres?

It seems that is not the case. But this isn’t to say that, online streaming isn’t gaining ground. There are more and more people joining online movie websites, being one of them and they operate globally, making them increase on their members a year in, year out.

While the movie theatre is trying to manage the weather when it comes to issues like box office flops and video piracy, it is working on new ways to draw the modern population to its market. Cinemas are trying to adapt to new ways of ensuring that they offer better experiences when it comes to movie viewing so that they can counter the online streaming at and other websites for online movies.

Cinemas are investing in luxury chairs, bigger screens, reserved seats, bars, and new technology to ensure that, once someone visits, they will always come back for more. The cinema theatre seems to be under threat, but it has proved for over a century to be resilient by being receptive to innovation and being able to embrace technology.

What is making the cinema to still be a hit despite the technological improvement in streaming movies online?

  • Lack of latest blockbuster hits on online streaming platforms

Due to the fact that, online platforms give producers a flat rate, most producers shy off from releasing their latest blockbusters to them and thus, one will be forced to go to the nearest cinema to watch the latest movies and Oscar-winning films. The producers find it profitable when they limit their distribution channels.

  • The new face of the cinema experience

Most cinema theatres have installed stadium-style seating for better viewing and comfort and with great screens. Apart from these changes and the introduction of online ticketing, the experience at the movie theatres remains the same. But of late, there are a few changes to the experience with some cinema theatres offering:

  • Alternative cinema:Imagine a scenario where you watch a horror movie while in a warehouse that is abandoned or be in a hot tub and watch a rom-com? There are movie companies who are doing just that. When you go to such movie cinemas, it can mean you will engage in live action roleplay where you watch a movie with chorus singing which is live with the soundtrack or having to go retro at a drive-in theatre that is refurbished.
  • Dinner and a movie: Apart from the traditional boxes of jujubes and popcorns, some large charge movie theatres and independent cinemas now feature alcohol service and a hot In some instances, you will get beer, cocktail,and wine being sold at the theatre, traditional theatre settings have been replaced by dining tables. Concession areas have been replaced by table services. There are other theatres which are taking their concept higher by creating a custom dining experience where they offer appetizers which complement the movie experience.
  • Independent theatres: Just like most people are drawn to bars and local restaurants, they can be attracted to local and independent movie theatres. These are places where you can go to socialize with friends to see some cult classics from the old or enjoy an experience that is themed like an evening of films from a certain genre or director.
  • Cinema is becoming more interactive: In the early years of the 80s, children could choose their own storybooks with adventure. It is a technique which allowed them to pick what they deem happened next thereby determining how the plot is going to unfold. That is how the interactive cinema is all about. The members of the audience interact with the movie through their electronic devices such as iPad, iPhone and so on. Here, you are given the power to be able to make choices for the protagonist and due to this factor, you will have control over how the movie unfolds.
  • Virtual reality: The future of the cinema is not doomed with online movie streaming as some people still find it awesome that traditional passive experience of watching a movie in a theatre setting. In order to stay adapt and relevant for the demands of the cinema goers, movie theatres are trying to offer moviegoers with an experience that is complimentary. They are opening up several operations where consumers are able to engage in a virtual reality experience together with other players who closely resemble the experience of storytelling in the traditional cinema setting.

From the above, it shows that, even though the present generation is pulled more towards the online movies, they still have a passion for going to cinema theatres. There is something that each of the experience provides to the movie lovers and thus, it is likely that both are here to stay. If you are hard on cash and you cannot afford the luxury of going to a cinema theatre to watch your favorite movie which you are sure you can get online, why not get on the free movie websites and find some entertainment for yourself? And when that comes when you have the cash and you want to go out with friends, why not go to a cinema theatre?

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