Mailhandler and Other USPS Separation Incentives

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The Postal Service has now announced separation incentives to the second group of employees in a month. Just as was the case with postmasters, the Postal Service is offering these incentives to all mail handlers including employees that would not be eligible to retire under either normal or voluntary early retirement conditions. However, the decision facing mail handlers is different as they have less information about what jobs will be available after August 31, 2012 than postmasters did when their early retirement announcement was made. Why is the Postal Service offering the Incentive to All Mail Handlers? The Postal Service’s separation incentive to Mail Handlers is broader than what might [...] Read more »

Separation Incentives for Postmasters and Other Postal Employees

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This week the Postal Service announced an early retirement incentives for Postmasters as part of its restructuring of rural retail service. This announcement will likely be the first of a set of early retirement incentive announcements that the Postal Service that the Postal Service makes in the next few weeks as it follows through with its plans to restructure First Class mail service standards and plant operating plans. Expected Announcements of Operating Changes and Facility Closures The Postal Service will announce on Thursday, May 17th, its plans for operating plan changes and facility closures that will occur this summer. The Federal Times has reported that in a press conference held [...] Read more »

When Will USPS VERA Announcements Come, What Will be Offered, and Who Will Be Eligible?

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The volume of traffic on this blog clearly has shown the interest among Postal Service employees on possible opportunities for early retirement and incentives. While the leaks last week indicated that an announcement was coming the end of last week, it did not happen. I apologize for giving false hope to Postal Service employees who are looking to taking early retirement. Now the rumor mill is suggesting an announcement on Monday or Tuesday. As the discussion below indicates, an announcement about early retirements coming early this week fits the Postal Service’s current plan to implement the network restructuring in the second half of June, 2012. Any further delay in announcing [...] Read more »

Revised Chart Showing Proportion of APWU Jobs Lost by Craft


I have been provided with a revision in the chart showing the proportion of American Postal Workers Jobs that will be lost by craft and Area.  This revised chart changes the numbers that were previously displayed for maintenance employees and vehicle service drivers.  The corrected numbers continue to show that the Eastern, Northeast and Southwest Areas will experience the largest proportional loss of jobs across all crafts. I appoligize for the error.   Tweet Read more »

Nearly one-third of APWU Mail Processing Jobs Cut in Eastern Area


Looking at the APWU job cuts as a proportion of total APWU jobs by craft shows the extent of the impact on individual employees and provides some idea as to the impact on mail handlers, supervisors, managers and administrative personnel. and The projected job cuts that the Postal Service provided the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) shows that three Areas will see mail processing jobs cut by more than 20% with the Eastern Area seeing job cuts of nearly one-third.   Information on maintenance crafts suggests that the consolidation is expected to reduce maintenance employees  by nearly 20% by over 80% in two areas with over 56% of  nationwide. The following table [...] Read more »

Impact of USPS Consolidations on Employees

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Last week, the Postal Service provided employees significantly more information regarding the scale of the changes coming to its operations and for many employees whether the facility they now work at will remain open. While this information has provided employees with some indication as to what lies ahead, the details as to what will happen to individual employees remain sketchy. The following set of questions and answers provide information contained in the Postal Service’s “Our Future Network” website, presentations to Postal Unions, bulletins of Postal management associations and press reports from both national and local news sources. When Will the Postal Service Start to Make Changes? Based on information provided [...] Read more »

The Politics of Network Optimization

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Starting yesterday, information about closures of Postal Service facilities have leaked out one by one.  The Postal Service this morning published the full list of facilities that will be impacted.   The Postal Service states that “264 processing facilities were studied, 6 are on hold for further internal study, 35 will remain open for now and 223 will be consolidated  — all or in part. Looking at the list of facilities that will not be consolidated fully, it is clear that with very few exceptions the evaluation process  and all of the public hearings did not change the likelihood that a facility would be consolidated.  It would appear that the effort that local, sate [...] Read more »

How the USPS is Using Its Flexibility Under the APWU Contract


The most recent Postal Service Active Employee Statistical Sumary for pay period 26, FY 2012 has some early indication as to how the Postal Service is using its new flexibility under the APWU contract.  The statistics suggests that the Postal Service is adjusting to the new employment options slowly.  Here are the statistics APWU Clerks                       The statistics for clerks would indicate that the Postal Service has minimized its use of full-time employees as allowed under the contract.  (Full-time and non-traditional full-time total over 80% of clerks.)  However, if the figure includes some seasonal hiring of part-time flexible employees, it would seem that [...] Read more »

PSE Drivers: How Should the APWU Contract Be Changed to Raise Wages?

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Postal Reporter has posted that Postal Service managers have approached local APWU locals seeking to raise the wages of non-career Postal Support Employee (PSE) drivers. The Postal Service wants to raise the wage level because it has found that the negotiated wage schedule sets wages at a level too low for the Postal Service to easily fill advertised positions. Postal Reporter notes that the Postal Service has unilaterally raised wages for PSE drivers in Minneapolis and Sacramento. The article implies that the Postal Service’s interest in raising PSE driver wages may be more widespread, but does not suggest that the problem exists in all markets. Resolving the problem with PSE [...] Read more »

How the Business Model and Congress Failed the Postal Service


Adam Hartung in Forbes magazine has an article that reaches the nub of the problem with the Postal Service and why the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA) failed. Basically, PAEA did not give the Postal Service the tools to make the shift in its business strategy as the market for mail shifted. The Post Office didn’t really do anything wrong. The market shifted. The Post Office value proposition simply isn’t as valuable as it once was. So how does an enterprise deal with market shifts? It transforms itself or it dies. Two Rochester, NY based companies illustrate the alternative paths. Xerox, the creator of the office copier, realized that competition [...] Read more »