Romania Privatizing It’s Post Office in 2012

Romaia Post

Act Media has reported that the Romanian Ministry of Communications and Informational Society (MCSI) has signed a contract with KPMG Romania and Tuca Zbarcea, & Associated to provided consulting services setting up a privatization process of the Romanian Postal Company.  The contract is designed to aid the Romanian Ministry with privatization of the Romanian Postal Corporation (Posta Romana) by the end of 2012. In the press release, Dan Nica, minister of Communications implied that the contract is to handle the final phase of privatization of Posta Romana.  We concluded the second stage in the privatization process and there follows a period filled up with preparations, meetings, negotiations. We proposed to conclude the privatization [...] Read more »

Deutsche Post New Labor Agreement – Could It Provide a Model for the USPS

Logo Deutsche Post

In its Presentation to Analysts, one of the slides detailed the new labor agreement that Deutsche Post states will help keep its mail business profitable.  The portions of the agreement cited are as follows: New flexible model for age-based working solutions Option to pay proportion of current salary into worktime account Partial-retirement program supplemented by working-time accounts and a demographic fund Extension of no compulsory redundancy until 2015 Continued outsourcing 990 parcel-delivery districts handled by sub-contractors Outsourcing of transportation extended by 1,000 drivers Agreed salary/working condition changes 4% lower entry wage for new Mail employees New vacation policies based on company service, not age Renewal of non-chargeable overtime, work days [...] Read more »

Self Service Retail Popular in Germany

The sel service model is so popular in germany that Deutsche Post is replacing a number of Packstations with larger models.   In a press release, Deutsche Post announces days when Packstations will not be available to install a larger model.  (Press release in German.) This really looks like a proven idea for the United States Postal Service. Earlier Posts: Should the Postal Service Close All Post Offices? Markrting the Packstation Packstation Vendor Tweet Read more »

Deutsche Post’s Strategy for Mail

In response to two questions as part of an interview posted on the company’s website, Deutsche Post CEO Frank Appel provides a description of Deutsche  Post’s strategy for mail. How do you intend to achieve the stabilization of the traditional letter business? Of course, in this division we can see far-reaching structural changes that relate to electronic forms of communication. We have reacted to this with a range of e-products, such as the e-Postbrief. Such products are only one element of our strategy to offer innovative solutions in digital and traditional physical communications and, with this approach, to permanently defend our position as THE postal service for Germany. Moreover, one [...] Read more »

Postal Service as Editorial Fodder

A recent editorial by the Washington Times and a columnist in the Los Angeles Times provide illustrations as to how ideological predilections and reporting on a deadline produce more heat and less light about how to solve the problems facing the Postal Service.   These commentaries reflect the seasonal interest in the Postal Service use it to ship packages and send correspondence that they rarely send in the other 11 months of the year. Readers of this blog are more familiar with the problems that the Postal Service faces these writers.   They will have no problems identifying how the writers of the two pieces illustrated their minimal knowledge of the postal [...] Read more »

Becoming a Multi-modal Postal Company

Today, RR Donnelley announced a new mobile application for broker/dealers and financial advisors.  This application is part of a suite of digital products and services that RR Donnelly offers to the financial services industry. RR Donnelley’s significant presence in digital documents may be a surprise to many readers of this blog who only know of the company as the largest printer of documents that are delivered by mail in the United States.   Illustrative of this change is how RR Donnelley describes its business. RR Donnelley is a global provider of integrated communications. Founded more than 145 years ago, the company works collaboratively with more than 60,000 customers worldwide to [...] Read more »