Top 10 Transportation Stories of 2012 and How They Affect the Courier Express and Parcel Industry

Dan Goodwill

Dan Goodwill, the President of Dan Goodwill & Associates, a leading provider of freight management consulting services to shippers, carriers and 3PL’s throughout North America has just posted his list of the top 10 transportation stories of 2012.  While a nearly all of them affect the U.S. and Canadian competitors in the courier express and postal (CEP) industry, the following are likely to have the biggest impact on  impact on the industry in 2013 and beyond. Same Day Deliveries in the Retail Sector Mr. Goodwill notes that: The internet has transformed a number of industries such as books, electronics and music.  Each year, many consumers are increasing their online purchases of a [...] Read more »

Amazon Has 30 Parcel Lockers in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn


A previous post on Amazon’s expansion of its parcel locker network understated its investment in this delivery technology in New York City. Amazon now has 30 parcel lockers in New York City and not the 20 that were reported last month. As the chart below shows, Amazon has 5 lockers in Brooklyn, 7 in Queens and 18 lockers in Manhattan including one on Roosevelt Island.  Combined with the 10 Amazon has in and around Seattle, WA and the 7 in Northern Virginia, Amazon is now far ahead of the Postal Service in implementing goPost. Parcel Lockers Create Proprietary Address and a Competitive Advantage for Amazon Amazon’s network of parcel lockers [...] Read more »