Romania Privatizing It’s Post Office in 2012

Romaia Post

Act Media has reported that the Romanian Ministry of Communications and Informational Society (MCSI) has signed a contract with KPMG Romania and Tuca Zbarcea, & Associated to provided consulting services setting up a privatization process of the Romanian Postal Company.  The contract is designed to aid the Romanian Ministry with privatization of the Romanian Postal Corporation (Posta Romana) by the end of 2012. In the press release, Dan Nica, minister of Communications implied that the contract is to handle the final phase of privatization of Posta Romana.  We concluded the second stage in the privatization process and there follows a period filled up with preparations, meetings, negotiations. We proposed to conclude the privatization [...] Read more »

USPS: Last Post Standing

The Japanese government announced yesterday that it will begin the process of privatizing Japan Post.  (See: Business Week)  The decision by the Japanese government leaves the United States Postal Service alone as having a business model with many characteristics of a government department. The following chart illustrates where many of these posts sit on a continuum from government department to a corporation with only private shareholders.     Postal Operators operating as a government department, in a manner similar to the pre-Postal Reorganization Act Post Office would be placed on the far left side of the chart.   A national post with only private sector shareholders would be placed on the far right [...] Read more »

Cutting Hours or Cutting Post Offices

Sometime in the next few months the Postal Service will receive an advisory opinion from the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) on the potential closing of less than no more than 241 post offices, stations or branches. This is a far cry from the more than 3200 sites in its initial proposal that it presented to the PRC. Once the opinion is issued, the Postal Service will likely close most of th 241 sites now on the list. Those communities that found their Post Office on the original list but are no longer under consideration for closing are likely relieved that their Post Office will remain open. These communities will be [...] Read more »