Travel Websites That Accept Guest Posts

There are lots of people that do not understand the importance of SEO. If you need to more traffic then SEO is important and that is based on the number of backlinks you have got. There are many ways of getting these links, but the best one is with the help of guest posts and that will make the process much easier. Make sure, you visit this amazing website called, which has got some very good information and can guide you in the right way. There are many good products in the market and many services. Selecting the best one is never easy and one has to do a good amount of research.

Go, Nomad

Go Nomad is looking for unique experiences and fresh destinations. They want to avoid guidebook vocabulary, promotional posts, and stuff written just for links. They are focused on personal, real and new stories. Something that hasn’t been seen before. They have a guide template you can use for their short guides and a long detailed description does post guidelines. Go Nomad offers 25$ for a post that’s published on their website. This is one of the best websites and you can visit, and find out more information and that will help you understand, about how you can make use of the guest posts to your benefit and once you do you will see a spike in your traffic and business, what else can you ask for? Many people are getting confused about how to make use of the guest posts in the right way. But are not sure and may get very confused.

World Hum

World Hum accepts high-quality stories, slideshows, lists, and interviews. They have appeared in “Best American Travel Writing” and won awards for best American travel writers. They accept full articles in the body of an email (they will not open attachments) and your article should be no longer than 1500 words. They offer payment but it is only discussed after they read and approve your article for submission. They like contributors better than guest posters so with this website you stand a chance of a nice, steady gig. A travel writers dream am I right?

Travel Belles

Travel Belles is accepting guest posts from female writers only. They require a link to your website as well as your own photos. They provide the author bio and the links to your website. They are focused on destinations all over the world and accept personal stories, third-person articles and photo blogs. They are only publishing female bloggers but they can be read by everyone. Make sure, that you visit one of the best websites and you can visit and this has all the information you need to get more links. There are many products in the market and you should know which the best one to select.

Short Travel Tips

Short Travel Tips is a Lithuanian based website focused on tips about all thing travel such as accommodation, activities, food, transportation, sightseeing, events and you name it. They are always accepting guest posts with 600-word minimum, your own photos, original content and of course a link to your website. They offer exposure to your own work if your post gets published. The website doesn’t specify payment details but when they don’t, that’s a good sign you are not getting paid. Doesn’t matter, your portfolio will grow!

Luxury Launches

Luxury Launches is a luxury travel website focusing on finding the finer things all over the world. They accept articles about restaurants, cars, shopping, fashion and fashion accessories you can find all over the world. They accept pitches all year long and they have an impressive list of contributors. Should you want to write for this website you have to write why they would choose you as a contributor and what you can add to the list. The website doesn’t specify if they offer payment or not but they do offer exposure of your author name. There are many websites but this is one of the best and gives very good results and that is something very important. There are people who are getting confused and not making use of this system as well as they do not know the process. It is important that you research well.

2 Backpackers

2 Backpackers are a backpackers guide through the world. They accept personal stories and do not accept promotions, agencies or paid articles. They want how-to articles, personal stories, photo blogs, and interviews. Your material must be original and unpublished before. They might do some editing on your posts as well if they see it needs to be done. Don’t take it personally!

In exchange, they offer your published bio as well as links to your website and social media!

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