The care of our face is of the utmost importance and we must protect it from all those agents that damage it, the sun, dust, sweat or contamination; A practical way to do it is with a facial. Facial cleansing is an essential routine to maintain the hygiene of facial skin. Dirt and environmental pollution, makeup and even stress are some factors that cause the skin to accumulate dirt and lose vitality, freshness and luminosity. As much as you clean your skin daily, it gets dirty every day. With the passage of time, our skin can become full of impurities. To finish with them and to have a splendid face again, a deep facial cleansing is necessary, which we will talk about next.

A facial is an exclusive facial cleansing and its intention is mainly the elimination of dead cells. Before doing any treatment you should always be cleansed, start with a mechanical exfoliation with your hands, that is, “drag the dead cells”. This process can also be chemical and is called “exfoliation with glycolic acid”. Keeping the face clean and taken care of is essential to show a healthy and pleasant looking skin. Even if you do not put on makeup, it is necessary to clean the skin every day to eliminate traces of cream, pollution, dust, etc. Of course, it is not enough to wash your face with soap and water, but every so often it is advisable to perform a deep cleaning, which should always be carried out by a professional.

And as we already know, there are different types of skin, normal, oily, dry, mixed and sensitive; so always balance the PH with a tonic and leave the skin balanced. Then the vials come, they can be nutritious, anti ageing, moisturizing or oxygenating; this help to hide the lines of expression. Finally, apply a sunscreen that leaves the complexion ready for any occasion and even for makeup; sometimes masks are also applied. The deep facial cleansing is critical to remove impurities, pimples and blackheads that can form on our face.

It is also the first step to optimize any aesthetic treatment you want to do later since it facilitates the penetration into the skin of the active compounds that are applied in cases of ultra hydrating shock, anti-age treatments or prior to mechanical or chemical peels. Even in those treatments that use equipment, such as electroporation, dermo LEDs or radiofrequency.

But what is deep facial cleansing?

Broadly speaking we will tell you what a professional deep facial cleansing is, so you know what steps apply to your face in a regular session. Experts recommend that starting at age 16 it is convenient to start a monthly care on the face with the intention of protecting and moisturizing the skin for years to come. If you still do not start, do not worry, look for a spa where you can get a facial and look healthy skin.

8 benefits of facial cleansing

The skin of the face is the one that is more exposed to dust and environmental contaminants, factors that fill it with impurities, irritate and make it susceptible to premature ageing if you do not have proper hygiene. Therefore, facial cleansing should be essential in your beauty routine. After a difficult day of work, the last thing you think about is washing your face, so it is common to go to sleep with a dirty face since there is a belief that nothing will happen. However, over time the skin looks dull and imperfections, which can also lead to infections due to various elements accumulating in the skin, such as makeup residue, sweat, dust, environmental pollutants, natural oils and dead cells.

  1. It allows the oxygenation of the skin.
  2. Cosmetic products designed to improve the appearance of the skin have greater effectiveness.
  3. Delays the appearance of wrinkles.
  4. The skin is brighter.
  5. Helps reduce the appearance of fatigue.
  6. Eliminates acne and blackheads.
  7. The skin looks smoother and smoother.
  8. A skin clean accepts and displays better makeup.

To achieve a successful facial cleansing you only have to moisten your face with a little warm water, then apply a cosmetic product suitable for your skin type and rinse. To not lose firmness apply a tonic with a cotton pad, finally, apply a moisturizing cream. Caring for the skin of your face is easier than you imagine, you just have to adopt the habit of washing your face every day. Remember that discipline is the key to success. The first step that is carried out, after determining your skin biotype (skin type), we proceed to the skin, then a gentle exfoliation is made and the manual removal or with appliances of the black spots that could be, especially in the areas of greater formation: the zone T.  After this step comes to the application of a decongestive mask to eliminate redness or irritation of the skin after removal of black spots and then apply some light moisturizer and sunscreen.

What happens after the first session of deep facial cleansing?

The main thing you will notice is a more “white” aspect of your skin, the result of the extraction of unsightly black spots, more if they were in large quantities. On the other hand, you will notice that the texture of your skin will be much smoother and smoother, more uniform and even in its entirety.

How often can I perform a deep facial cleansing?

This depends on the specific needs of your skin. But in general, a deep facial cleaning once a month is recommended to keep the skin in good condition and optimize the use of the cosmetic products you use at home. In case of acne or skin with many impurities, a higher frequency may be necessary, for example, 1 or 2 times per week until the skin rebalances and improves its appearance and functioning. So if you want to look more radiant and clean, a deep facial is what you need.

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