What to look for When Choosing the Best Substrate for Bearded Dragon

Choosing the right substrate for your most loved bearded dragon can be daunting. With the many options to choose from, picking the best substrate for bearded dragon may not be easy. When choosing, there are 2 types you can consider, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Unfortunately, the information you could get from each type makes the selection process harder as they differ from one source to another. So, you are left without a choice but to work on your own research or probably try on each type yourself and go through the trial and error process.

Types Of Substrate For Bearded Dragons

Particle Substrates

This type allows bearded dragons to dig. Digging is what they naturally do and this can help them a lot in terms of the emotional aspect of this species’ life. But, just like the other type, there are some possible issues to consider when choosing particle substrates. And some of them are:

  • Ingestion is a common issue using this type. Bearded dragon may accidently swallow particles from this substrate
  • This is harder to maintain and clean. Hence, if you only have limited time on your hand, forget about this option
  • Infection to your pet is possible because of the bacteria growing from this type of substrate, needless to say if proper cleaning is performed on a regular basis, this can be prevented

Though, you should not get too hard on bearded dragon’s need to dig. They also come from rocky terrain that has no much sand, hence even if it is nice to give this type of substrate to them, it is not something required to their overall being.

Non-particle Substrate

Non-particle substrate comes from a roll of fabric substance that you can easily prepare and lay on the bearded dragon terrarium’s floor. This type is very easy to maintain and assemble, but it also has few negatives best to take in consideration:

  • Bearded dragon’s claws may possibly get caught in the fabric of this substrate
  • It is recommended that you have a digging space in place when you use non-particle substrate
  • When washing this type of substrate, it is a must you have a spare to use while letting the fabric dry

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both types, the decision will boil to your personal choice. If you want to know which one is best, you can consider trial and error.

Other considerations when choosing bearded dragon’s substrate

Other than the types, to spot on the best substrate for bearded dragon, you can consider the following:

  • Choose the right brand

There are many manufacturers of substrates in the market today, choosing the right brand is necessary. They will all claim they are the best in the industry, but unfortunately not all of them can deliver to your standards and expectations.

When choosing the brand, make sure you do your homework and take as much time as possible before you exchange your money to substrates.

Below are few of the factors you need to consider when choosing the brand:

  • Has good reviews and ratings from their previous and current customers
  • A brand that is in the industry long enough
  • Garner exemplary reputation in the industry supplying substrate


  • Maintenance

When choosing the type of substrate to purchase, you have to consider highly the time you have on hand to spend on maintenance and cleaning. If you do not have time to clean your bearded dragon’s terrarium, then you should not consider particle substrates, as this type requires time and effort cleaning, and it should be done in a more regular basis.

It is imperative that you let your bearded dragon live in a clean terrarium to keep them away from bacteria, sicknesses and diseases. The time you can spend maintaining and cleaning should be a basis to consider when choosing which among the substrates to deem or else you might end up with a sickly pet.

  • Price

Other than substrates, this exotic animal has other needs, and it is only right that you consider a substrate you can afford. But, you should not only consider the price alone, you have to consider durability and brand when taking this factor in consideration. Do not buy a substrate that is cheap yet replacement is required sooner, this will completely defeat your purpose of saving.

With the many brands in the market to consider, it is right to compare one manufacturer’s price to another and see which amongst them can give the best offer. Never consider just the price alone, as that will put you to a wrong decision.

  • Availability

Consider availability of the substrate of your choice. You would not want to end up changing brand and type of substrate from time to time, as that may not be good to your bearded dragon. Adapting to changes every time you need to use other substrate may not be good to your exotic pet.

Check on the availability of the substrate of your choice over the internet or the manufacturer. To add, it is also recommended if you choose a supplier or manufacturer that can deliver the substrate you order anytime you need one.

If you care for your exotic, bearded dragon pet it is only necessary that you give them a clean and comfortable place to live. And that includes choosing the right substrate. With the many options to choose from, this can be a challenging job, yet when you get the right one, expect that your pet will be very happy that you do so.

What is the best substrate to use for your bearded dragon? Unfortunately, this is an issue up until this time is being discussed by professionals and pet owners. It is all up to you which amongst the available options to choose from. Trial and error can be done for weeks and see which amongst them is best suitable for your pet.

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